North Star Castle, Arseniy Chebynkin (3D)


Title: North Star Castle
Name: Arseniy Chebynkin
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Work created for 10 days (3-4 hours per day)
Castle it was created for my demoreel (in process)
Royal castle in capital fantasy world, for protection use 4 sliding spikes with cannon towers and shield generators.


very nice model , color , light , look

great work

good luck 4 ever :beer:


amazing work, 4 * :slight_smile:


Cool, I like this! Really nicely done!



Very nice :thumbsup:

Haider T.Najeeb
3D Artist & VFX


why I only can vote 5 *?Why no more choice selection?


^^I think when you start a thread the OP gets to choose what rating choices we get.

This looks awesome…I love how it looks like it can lift off and move.


Qualitatively, it is very detailed, impressive and big … very good work! :thumbsup:
Good luck, Arseniy!


gr8 work… can we get some detail shots/wires?


looks amazing …do show the showreel when it is done !


amazing,spectacular…5 stars,


awesome work. waiting for the demoreel…


Beautiful work! Great architectural concept. :applause:


I like the Blue atmosphere !

My new work on Cgtalk


amazing work!!


Great work! Love the general atmosphere - those flying boats are a cool touch.


Really nice! Great job. :thumbsup:


breathtaking view, cool


so crazy! I like it! 5 stars from me


Very nice work. And here I thought I had good enough stuff for my demoreel. You beat me bit time :stuck_out_tongue:
You get a 5 from me. Only 10 days is amazing.