Normalizing UV shell sizes accross multiple objects?


Hey folks!

I need to normalize the sizes of all UVshells accross mutliple (read: “all”) abjects in one scene.
The UVs are all unwrapped as cubemapped.

What would be the ideal route to do so?

Thank you!

Kind regards,


Hello mp-grafix.

Check the link above, the plugin I think could help you is the one called uv to object and the function is called autoscale uv islands ( ) this averages the texel density between all selected objects, the downside I think you have to repack or reorder the islands inside their uv space, also the function works at any moment without the need to use the main plugin (creating the uv to object representation)

I hope this helps you.

Best Regards.


Ah great, thank you! I will try it!