Normal seams conundrum


Howdy there. I’ve been wracking my head over this for the past day or so, searched high and low through the internet and this forum…sadly to no avail. Every setting has been tried in zbrush and mudbox. I tried every trick/fix I could find on the net save for one that I found in the forums here (have a quick question about it first), but sadly none worked. Even tried fixing it by hand, but I quickly came to find out that normal maps are finicky little things (the seams are less prevalent than they were before at least! :stuck_out_tongue: ) So on to the pics…

So yeah, there 'tis. Now for the questions I suppose.

The one thing that I’m aware of, which I haven’t tried yet, is squaring off the seams of the UV’s and putting them parallel to each other (courtesy of this thread over here). Would this work for an organic model? In the link that was provided in the thread, the example used was a hard-surface model, so I guess it would make sense to be able to mess with the UVs a bit?

I think I have more questions, but I’ve been working on figuring this out all day to see if I could get anywhere. A couple of baby-steps were made thankfully, but for now the bed beckons.

Quite eagerly awaiting to listen and learn :thumbsup:


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