Normal Maps 4.0


Hello, noob here, in xsi 4.0 I was able to use the netview GPU Surface FX link to generate my normal map, however how do I then apply that map to my low poly model in xsi? I searched xsi base and this forum but didnt find anything. Any help would be appreciated.


you can take a bumpmap generator node and plug it into the bump map channel of the object.

cheers chris


So i need to create a bump map generator node and plug the normal map to that and then plug the bump map generator into the material bump slot? Sorry Im still a little confused lol.


yes i think it was that way …

i think i gonna have to test it again because i only did it once … :slight_smile:


GPU Surface FX gave me a grayscale image…obviousely this doesnt look like a traditional normal map. Is there some option that I need to check thats not in or in the GPU Surface FX menu??? I brought the grayscale into photoshop and converted with the nvidia normal map filter, but looks strange (has abnormal edges and random granular bumps not found on either model) when viewed on the model and through the 3dview within the filter. Anybody have any ideas?


Nevermind I figured it out…forgot to add vertex color info to low poly model. Silly me. :slight_smile:


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