normal mapping in xsi


hey guys
i am new to this forum. I am a maya-er and have been recently asked to deliver some high poly cars for a next gen game and there is a possibility that is might involve some normal mapping

For normal maps i have used kaldera (3ds max) uptil now-not that i have done that much of normal mapping.

anyhoo, i was wondering if you guys could tell me or point me towards the workflow involving normal mapping in xsi 4 and if there are any plugins that exist.

I have been playing with xsi for only 2 days now and though the whole keyboard config seems very weird to start with i think i could get used to it



Not sure for 4 (i’m on 3.5 now) but what you want to look for is the d3 shaders. Search around here or . Sorry, i can’t remember the site for d3 right off hand. Basically your process will go like this (if i remember correctly :P):

Create low poly model.
Create high poly model from duplicate model.
Apply d3 normal map gen to loe poly model, point it towards your high poly.
Adjust settings and create render map.
Now, apply this newly created map to your low poly mesh.
Voila, normal mapped low poly model.

(obviously there are the settings and stuff you need to tinker with…but this is the basic layout of how you’ll do it.)



Sites down right now, maybe it will be back up in a few days? - It was a tutorial on D3 Shaders.

Also, you can grab the D3 shaders from XSI Net view.


thanks for the reply guys :slight_smile:


Check the NetView in 4.0

Open NetView alt-5
Click on the Add Ons Link at the top
Click on the GPU Surface FX link

Click on the SetUp link on the left

There is a whole page that will setup and render out ore normal maps.

Cool trick: Use displacement maps to add addtional detail to your normal map without having to model it in.



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