Normal map projection error


Hi, I am new here and I need a little bit of help. I working on a normal map for a model that I have made but the projection is not that I really expected :banghead: , the round shapes are not projected very well but the strange thing is that some of them are ok and other are like in the image. I guess that the lightning is the problem. I want to say that I have now lights or cameras in the scene. Just the model.

I’ve saw a tutorial a couple of time ago about this thing. I know that there was a guy working on his model which has bolts and the same problem/ Can anyone tell what is causing this problem or how can I solve it directly in 3DS Max ( if not, I will do it in Photoshop - but i’m just curious ). here you have a part of the map :

Thank you :slight_smile:


It’s easier to see what the problem is if you render a surface with that map. If this model was made by someone else and given away, better to just redo it. Lighting has nothing to do with creating normal maps. It’s only the depth of a bump. How was the normal map created? What I mean by that is, how was the model’s surface created.


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