Normal map not showing in substance painter viewport


hello everyone!

i’ve been trying bake the normal map from a high poly mesh several time in different ways but…

when i bake the normal map in substance painter the normal map texture is kinda empty with the normal map colors! In the thumbnail of it there are those colours

like substance painter doesn’t bake the normal map from high poly.

i never had this issuse before. i’ve checked and change anything that i thought would change the result.
i thought the low poly not captured the high poly for baking and
also i’d changed the normal mixing options and tried different baking parameters and options moreover changed from directX to openGl but notting changed :frowning:

and also in 3ds max i made sure the names of low and high poly is identical and correct. and set center pivot on both,also i did reset the xforms.

the other maps are correctly baked.

i share few screen shots with you pls have a look

every help, advice would be appreciate

thanx in advance.