Normal Map M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun


Well here is the high res version of the machine gun that I am gonna derive the normal map from…i’ts basically finished except for a few small things here and there such as adding more detail in the backsite area and the areas where you can see the insides of the gun. IT’s at 1,000,000 tris right now. Since poly count wasn’t an issue I just tried to get it done as fast as possible so I made a low poly version and meshsmoothed like crazy…so yes, I know the count is a excesive:

well lemme know what you think and for those of you who know guns, tell me what areas are not accurate on the gun. I kinda had to guess at some of the areas. Anyways, thanks for any input.


Looking REALLY sweet. Love it :smiley:

Oh and btw, if you´re unsure of more technical details you can always try asking at they know eeeverything about wartech ;D


This is at 2500 tris right now and I have 500 more that I can use up. Any suggestions about where these 500 tris would be the most beneficial??

Render of High Res:

Low Res Screens. Currently 2500 tris


sweet as the japanese sugar juice that kills your teeth in a minute. i’m watching this goode! :slight_smile:


It might go over 500 tris, but I would try to model in the vent holes in the barrel.


Having a really strong normal map (bevel type thing) around each hole, then alpha mapping them might be just as effective. Maybe depending on the angle it will be animating, but adding those holes could cause a lot of extra polys if you want it to look good (if you were to cut out holes in the barrel as it is, you would get a lot of geometry/smoothing problems (most likely) because your low poly barrel just doesn’t have enough geometry to support so many holes getting cut out. Just my observation.

However, it is looking really good! Look forward to seeing the texture progress on it.


hey thanks for diggin’ this thread up! i’ve been so busy that I haven’t touched it in a long long long time…maybe I can find some time for it now :slight_smile: I had messed around with using an alpha map for the hole on the barrel itself then using low poly cylinders to create the depth…it ended up working out pretty good i think and was a good compromise between using a billion polys on the barrels to model the holes in. if I still have that version i’ll dig it show you.


I’d love to shoot that bad boy :smiley:


I was actually lucky enough to fire a few of these while in the Navy. They destroy everything they hit and man are they awesome.


You seem to have wasted alot of polygon on really small details, that could easily be added in the normal map. Do you have a mesh smooth on in any of those screens ? I don’t think you need to be concerned about using all of the polygons now, it seems detail enough so that any more detail could be added via normal maps. I’d say try and remove polygons at this point, than adding any.



Hey looking really good.I got some crits for you since I just finished shooting this weapon in Basic.The back plate(where the handle is) has 2 levers at the bottom of the plate which you pull up and squezze in to release the backplate and dissassemble the weapon.Also the holes in the barrel assembly should be bigger.And dont forget to add the second mounting point near the handles that adjust your aiming.These .50 cals are a bitch to charge back haha.We trained on these .50 cals and .50cals with m10 chargers.The ones with m10 chargers are easier to charge and very fun but the wire tends to snap after awhile.Good Job!


Any updates?


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