normal map and bump map incompatibility


i’ve noticed that once you try to attach a 2d bump file using maya’s bump 2d node to a normal map using maya’s 2d bump(normal tangent space mode) you will get artifacts sometimes, like breaking of the edges at random places. im just connecting outnormal to normal camera as if i was chaining bumps together(that works fine by the way). the normal bump node is the last on the chain.
anyone knows the right way to do this and not get artifacts? using bump combiner to chain instead of maya’s bump node works BUT it blends the nodes together, doesnt over them like the bump node does.


chaining bump maps is straight forward because you are just averaging 0-1 values.

chaining normal maps requires averaging RGB values, so you need to use Average node, (same as overlay blend mode in PS) before attaching to bump node.

if you want to mix bump maps with normal maps, you should convert the bump map to a normal map first.


i thought mr in maya has a problem with chained normal maps? it doesnt add then right. using bump combiner for example blends the maps and they loose depth.
can you elaborate on your workflow please?


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