normal mAdNESS!!


Hey guys, I’ve got a bit of an interesting problem here - any ideas would be appreciated.

I just made an 800k poly train, and there are only 3 objects who’s normals are showing the exact opposite in my renderer - emphasis on opposite. Let me explain.

I am diligent with keeping my normals under control - I’ve set backfacing to invisible in all views so I don’t get tripped up. I’ve also checked the object properties (which I seldom touch as it is), just to check that backface cull is off - and for extra measure I’ve even turned Force 2-sided on in V-ray…these 3 objects just keep doing the opposite as what my renderer tells them to do.

I’ve currently got their normals flipped so they will even show up in my renderer - which they do, but this means they look flipped/invisible in viewport! Nothing changes with Force 2-sided on or off…wtf…any ideas?

Restart? Bug?

Thanks for any help!


Post an image or maybe the scene, but in the meantime. .
What’s the scale of your scene, is it real world?
Reset the xform of the object


They’ve probably been mirrored. That causes negative scale which results in flipped normals. But not in the max viewport as it knows to correct for it. But renderers and game engines don’t always.

If you reset xform on those object, you should see they flip inside out in the viewport. Collapse and flip them back again and you should be good.


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