noooobi - M:A and LW .. how?


Wonder if anyone can give me a simple “heads up” on just how M:A woks with Lightwave. I am sooo impressed with the software… but am unable to find anywhere just what the workflow is… For instance… Do you run M:A as you would Modeller? hitting F12 to go backwards and forwards between the apps? How can I animate with my M:A rigged character and interact with the LW scene/objects? and can I work with more than one character at a time!? (whilst interacting with the LW Scene elements!)

If this has been covered… and you can pass on a link - that would be great!

Cheers Folks


my workflow:

open messiah
rig characters
save fxs file
close messiah

open lw
activate messiah from within
append the scene
f12 and export each character
go back to lw
save embedded lws file



If you don’t mind, could you explain the LW part in a little more detail. For example, the exporting part and the saving embedded lws part.



Select your mesh and hit the f12 button

open messiah (standalone)
rig character(s)
save fxs file
close messiah

open lw
activate messiah from within lw (add the messiah plugin to a key or menu)

IN MESSIAH, append (LOAD) the previous fxs scene you just saved in messiah
go back to lw
Just save the lws file , it will automatically be embedded with the messiah data


Julez - cheers for the reply!

So, when you say that the M:A data is embedded with the LWS file… do you now animate the M:A rigged character in LW? If so how do you utilise the Non Linear tools in M:A and all the other cool stuff?


If you animate in M:A with an F12 style connection… how do you interact with scene objects? … like say open a door?

The demo version seems to be gone from the PMG site… and anyway, I have not been able to find these answers there either… which is odd!

Again, sorry about the 101 type questions!



I would suggest that ANYTHING that your messiah rigged characters interact with (a door etc)gets animated in messiah aswell.

Think of Lightwave as your model/texture/render solution to messiah animation, and all should be good :slight_smile:


…hmmm …I think I am getting there… So, if my character(s) move around the set a lot, avoiding objects/interacting with the scene etc… what I need to do is open that scene in M:A and essentially animate the characters/scene in there? Then F12 to LW to test render?

As you say, a bit like having LW split into three packages instead of two?

Does M:A simply open a LW scene? or does that go back to what Julez was saying?

Will my UV mapped textures show up in M:A?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so many questions!


yes messiah will open a lws scene file for placement purpose.

But also you have to think about animation LOGICALLY in 3d space.
Do u have messiah? If so, run the tuts.

I don’t know offhand if textures show in messih:animate …they do in studio but if u r using m:a then u don’t really need them do u?

when you are nimating in embedded both lw and messiah are running.
U animate in messiah and the response show up in both apps.


…Julez, thanks for you time on this… I am “getting it” now… !!:thumbsup: I hope they post a demo version soon…!


…just watched the new vid ( “using Messiah as a plug-in” - its great to SEE how it works esp with Lightwave!! … just going to check some more of the vids and maybe take a hammer to the Piggy Bank!!


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