Noob question


Hi, i have a problem with my model… I’m learning on my own, and I have decided importar my rougue in world of warcraft in maya. Everything was fine until i started rigged in face… When moving a join in mouth, the polygons in uv diferent began to separate… Here one image, Healp me pleas!


I don’t use Maya, but I see 2 potential problems in your image:

  1. Your polygons/edges/vertices at the corner of the mouth are not connected to the rest of the mesh properly (a weld or merge operation may be needed)

  2. There is something wrong with the normals of those bad polygons (facing the wrong way) - so when multiple bones pull on that part of the mesh, the mesh appears to split open

The Maya forum is here:

You will get better help there.


Tutorials my friend!
make sure you know the basics before trying advanced things like facial animation! :slight_smile:


Txs guys, simple problem