Noob here[Self-introduction]


Some of you probably have seen my dumbass noob posts recently. I’m a traditiona artist climbing the 3D learning curve, and my tool of choice is Maya 4 Unlimited. I will be posting my progress in 3D once I have made something not too embarrassing.

In the meantime, here are some of my non-3D work:

I use Photoshop and Painter, and also traditional tools(watercolors, oil, acrylics…etc).


:bounce: This is very good, I am also a traditional artist and I appreciate very much the lightness of your style. The first one is particularly impressive. Keep up the good work!


That’s f*cking amazing :buttrock:


You are so good that it depresses me…
jeroentje :bowdown:


I think your work is truly amazing!!!

I allready admired your work but I come to think that your skills are something I’m so jealous of!

keep em posting!!:thumbsup:


You are reeeeely great! Did you have a photo as a reference for the first pic?


Especially the first one is wonderfull!


Your worl is realy realy great.
I must say I browse this forum for over two months now as a guest, and I made this account today because of you.
I had to say this… BRAVOOOOOOOOOOO:applause:


omg great work!:buttrock:


A Noob with kick-ass work and great tutorials.That’s sweat!Iwould like to be a Noob like you!


Holy cow, thanks for the generous compliments! :love:

I’m a total noob, and I’m just starting to get the hang of a small corner of Maya’s capabilities. I’ll be posting a lot more dumbass noob questions along the way, so please be patient with me.

For the first pic, I did use reference, but I never follow references exactly. I always inject something unique and personal that makes the piece special to me. Most of my work is done without reference, but every once a while, I’ll see a pose that’s so inspiring, I’ll use it and do something different with it.

I posted some works in progress here:

Any comments and critiques would be appreciated. :smiley:


I love your sense of lighting, and composition. Normally I see a lot of over exertion as fara sposes go and a lot of concetration on exagerated anatomy but your work reamins sublty appealling. I like the fact that your style - though not necessarily fresh - is especially clean. I hate sloppy work.


Wow :bounce: Wow :bounce: And Wow :bounce:

this is sooooooo amazing, you’ve got so much talent…



Congrats!!! Amazing work!



beautiful…very nice work. Good to see you here; I believe I remember you from Sijun’s forum, right? -that 2nd girl, the ‘snowy’ one was there I believe…in any case glad you’re here. Thanks for sharing. don


Very nice!


wow! Your paintings are incredible! You inspire me to want to be a better artist :slight_smile:


Hi Lunatique,

Most impressive digital work. You should really try doing more from life or really good reference. The top image is clearly your strongest piece. My only crit would be to watch your edges. Unless all your work is going to have a soft blurry style. Your first image of the woman has her right arm pointing away from her body and closer to the foreground. The back of her arm to her elbow could be sharper. Not to much to take away from the focus though. The bridge of her nose could also be sharper than the edge of her left cheek. As things go back in space they become softer. Vice versa. Again if you’re going for a sylized realism what I’ve typed doesn’t apply. But maybe in the future if you decide to do a photorealistic portrait it always helps to remember the rules.


Oh My good! this is better than a photo!

Great! Incredible! Amazing! Awesome!! :eek: :eek:

(mm,… I need learn more cool vocabulary)

rate: 5 starts! (sorry… I couldn’t find the six!) :thumbsup:


very nice,
I have been seeing your work for some time now on the various forums. It is always great too see improvement and development in fellow artists.
Keep up the great work!