Noob Animation Question


Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing alright despite the pandemic situation.

New to 3DS Max, having just started a couple of days ago. I’m playing about with Phoenix FD to try to generate some steam for a larger architectural model with vents. I set it up and play the animation to get this image. What I want to do is save it exactly how it is and move it in a fixed way to use in the larger model. I’m not trying to make an animation, but a fixed image, but I only need this specific frame of the animation if that makes sense? At the moment it’s not rendering in Arnold or Vray either. Does anyone know what the solution to this might be?

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:



huh ? Phoenix FD is done by ChaosGroup, so is Vray, you telling me Phoenix doesn’t render with Vray ?


Can you use Google-drive to host the smoke-scene-file in question so that people can download it and see where the issue is.

Not sure how au fait you are with lighting.