Non-linear presentations?



I’m looking for a software solution to compile various media animated clips, UI elements vector artwork, sound files etc into a presentation. Kind of like a bespoke Prezi presentation using full screen-movie clips and overlays and button navigation.

I’ve toyed with Adobe Encore, importing AE film-loops and exporting to SWF but found the results sluggish and messy, so am hoping for something with more control and hopefully tablet friendly output, HTML5 etc.

Ideally it’d be a node based framework that I could drag packaged elements into (compiled movie files, swf animated loops etc) and deploy from there.

Googled solutions would suggest:
[ul]Tumultco Hype
Sencha animator
Adobe Air / Edge

Does anyone have experience with these or better suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Hey man,

Microsoft has done a lot with Powerpoint recently, and it might be worth another look.



I was thinking I’d somehow have to avoid Powerpoint. Perhaps it or Keynote are enough?

Thanks, I’ll look into it.


Sorry Im blind…



Thanks - Re: Prezi - Could it handle full-screen movie files for transitions? I was hoping to use pre-rendered footage / clips.


wouldn’t you need something like Smoke or Premier?


I’ll be editing and outputting from AE.

Thanks for suggestions - beginning to think inDesign to swf/html5 might be another option.



Now this looks interesting - have you had any experience of using it?


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