Noise in Circle...?



I need to use noised in bump, it is in X and Y and scale it, can you do noise in circular shape…?



Two thoughts:

  1. Perhaps you could start out with a spherical gradient that has some turbulence, and layer some noise on top of that. Not exactly what you’re looking for, but with a bit of work you might be able to get close.

  2. Create your noise texture as you have in your sample image, then bake it out to a texture. Bring the texture into Photoshop or AE, and convert it into polar coordinates so that it wraps around the center.


Thanks for the try.
I need to use that in a fabric… for a wavy flag kind of bumps.

if this noise turns to round shape… that will be nice.


Is the distorter shader still around? Don’t have cinema at hand, but the distorter shader should allow to distort a circular gradient.


As mentioned, you can go into After Effects and use the Polar Coordinates effect to get closer to what you’re looking for; there’s still some things that need work (such as the seam at the top & the overall scale of the noise), but its another option:


Tried Distorted shader… not making circular, may be I am missing something.

If it can be with procedural material that will be nice, can see and do settings and with a texture is last option option…!

Not a AE user.