Node that converts hdr to ldr?


Im new to Nuke, and Im looking for some node that can convert exr to a 8bit image, so I can do color corections or merge on those ldr images instead of the hdr exr pass.
I want to do this because I want to save the passes (diffuse, light, reflection) as 8bit png and then composite them somewhere on the web, and compositing exr and png gives different results because of the limited range on the png, so Im looking for a way to preview this composite of png files inside of Nuke.


A write file set to a LDR format will handle the conversion for you.

Rather than compositing them on the web, why not composite in Linear, then write out the final result to LDR for use on web?


I figured that I need to use the clamp node.
The reason Im doing compositing on the web is that there are a lot of images and if I do it on my pc it will generate a lot of files. The compositing is being done real-time when requested by user.