By using scripting, dynamic simulation, compositing, my idea is make a metaphore of nodes system. Break connections. Computer Graphics keep a random aspect as Art, and become autonomous. In this Image, Technologies (wireframe, reflection, occlusion, zdepth, blur,
) meet Arts (sculpture, painting, drawing,
Made with Maya, RealFlow, MentalRay, Photoshop.


hey ! amazing work !

you realy got me !

your image is beautiful, hope you win


hello xebece, thank you.

i am working on a stereoscopic version of node//ath(HDD).


Hey I really like this and some others Ive seen of yours. I was wondering what method you use to make that bloody water spalsh looking object.


hey thanks,
first, I made graphic researchs, then i had modeling (the hdd) and scripting (randomly create the cubes “pixels”, destroy the “grid”…). i generated a liquid in a moving disk’s shape in RealFlow and Maya which interact with the others dynamics elements in the scene. Ultimately, i rendered 4 passes (diffuse, occlusion, zdepth, wireframe) for compositing the final image in Photoshop with a dozen of layers


ludo.rami [color=dimgray]SolarKain[/color]


I see. Cool. But I was afraid that you were going to mention Realflow in there… I tried using that in Cinema 4D (which I primarily use for 3D) and I failed.


here you can see the anaglyph version of node//eath(HDD),
take yours glasses:


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