Nobody is lucky in the same way, Vasily Bodnar (3D)


Title: Nobody is lucky in the same way
Name: Vasily Bodnar
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, mental ray, Photoshop

This one was done in short time.
Actually, this picture is about us. It looks funny, but its not so funny when we talk about our dreams and tendings in real life :slight_smile:

I used 3dsmax for modeling and rendering (with help of mr). A little zbrush for displacement and texturing and some of ps&ae post processing.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Great work :thumbsup: I taste of funny parts when they possess one criticizes in the deep one ,like that.
Very nice job


Sweet - I like this!
Like the rest of your portfolio, this has a very nice idea. Great work!


cute. beautiful work…:).


Great idea, I like it. Nice modelling and texturing on the house.


and title…and most of all what a beautiful image!


so cool idea…and also 3d stuff.:thumbsup:


great piece of work, it would look ace as a poster :slight_smile:


Oh this is so sweet:). Great work man.


Ha ha great concept! I love the lighting and the
overall look! Keep it up… it looks so sweet!


it’s a very great image :smiley:
love the idea


huhuhu really like this style man ! Amazing work :slight_smile: …what a cool house, his friends will be jealous.


Hehehe :scream: *****
Really nice idea.Great Job.

Hamed katebi


5 *

thats all i can say

amazing idea and work i love it


that is sooo cute!


this is cool :slight_smile:


Nice concept. Great work.


woooow good work:thumbsup:


This is beautifully done. I like it a lot


Hello everybody.
I’m glad you guys like this work.
Thanks for your nice comments :slight_smile: