Noble Savage, Andrew Jerez (3D)


Title: Noble Savage
Name: Andrew Jerez
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

This is my portrait of a Native American Man. I attempted to somewhat replicate the 19th century photographs without taking too much away from the quality of the image.
He was created with Zbrush and the final image was rendered in Vray.
Please let me know what you think!


well done!!! good render and lighting ,the feathers looks great .


Congratulations on this excellent work. :thumbsup: Reminds me on some famous ethnic photography. Irving Penn couldn’t have done it better!


Excellent work. My only critic is the beads that are tight around the neck and the headband need a little bit more dirt on them. The beaded necklace low in the front looks great but the others seem a little to clean.

Overall, excellent work! :slight_smile:


Superb render, everything looks spot on. Also like the lack of colour in this to give a sense of age to the whole image. Well done.


I like it! the name is a lil offensive but the lighting and sculpting is superb! good job!


Wow… Realy nice character, good sculpting.
The feathers are very successful.

Congrats andwew.



Great work and a somewhat refreshing concept too!


Thank you for all the nice comments!
owsleyw - You’re right about the jewelry and I actually wish I added about 10 other necklaces for detail.
INKMAN002 - Thank you for your comments! The name is actually a literary term that I felt was appropriate:

Hopefully, I will find some time to make a breakdown… :buttrock:


Great work I like it alot!


Here is brief breakdown of this piece. I used Zbrush to model the face and for most of the texturing and then rendered in Vray to 16 bit tiffs.
I prefer working in Maya but I only had Vray for 3dsmax…
Using Vray elements I could break the shot down into tons of passes to have complete control in photoshop. And obtain a very nice balance between the gobal illumination and direct lighting. This is a terrific tutorial on how to use render elements and also composite them:

The feathers I just modeled very basically and cut out the shape using an opacity map.
The fur (which was probably the most challenging\frustrating part) was made using hair&fur, converted to polys, and then did a ton of post work to get it to match the rest of the image.

The model for the eyes was pretty standard. I think if you texture and model the eyes decently enough the reflections and realism takes care of itself…

I used Vray’s sss2 for the skin, which is a really nice looking material. I’m not sure if I set it up the maps correctly but I was pretty satisfied with the result I got. Also, attached is the specular map and diffuse map for the skin.

I spent the most time modeling the face in Zbrush because it was obviously the center of the piece. However, I believe, like most things, sculpting is never completed, only abandoned…

I attached the pictures to my post over on Zbrush Central:


Outstanding work :buttrock:


This is so outstanding! With all those details and eyes and look in sky! Wow!


Very good model, I particulary love the expression.


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