No undo??


hmmm my undo as seem to disappear …i did a serach in the forum but saw nothing

whjen i go to the main edit menu it is gray i can’t undo or redo after andy translation or function the coomand seems to be dead

also when ever i am, executing a command the property panel does not show up anymore

any pointers …im a noob sorry if this is stupid like my 4th day


go to preferences and check your undo settings.

also go to preferences > interaction > pop up prop editor , for your second question.


thanx sheep

what is the cause for them changing tho??


I’ve experienced the pop-up property page problem in the past, but not for the last couple of versions I think. What version are you using?

Haven’t had a problem with the undo before.


im using 4 i fixed it thanx to sheep i think the problem may have to do with crashing the level of undo gets depleted and the tab option gets turned off


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