No reaction to Paper with bristle brushes?


Ive been experimenting with the bristle brushes since the demo has been out and I’m impressed. Its like having the original oils from painter mixed with the artist oils. One downside is that i’ve found no way to scrub the paint into the canvas “showing the canvas or paper texture”. I have no problem doing this with the artist oils. Any Ideas? Thanks.


Check this thread:

It would seem that the “grain” control is currently not working with certain features. This is the control that allows the paper texture to come through, so without it it just wont work, only beta testers or Corel employees would be able to tell you whether the bug is that the slider is available when it shouldn’t be, or whether it’s that the grain doesn’t work with the brush.

Looking at the settings names only you could try modifying the surface friction and height.


Thanks for the info. Maybe they will update this in the next patch. I will check out the link that you sent me.


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