No PSD output option from arnold renderer in maya?


Hello. I am new to arnold on Maya. I am learning the free default version of arnold that comes with maya. I am trying to render out my render setup layers with Arnold on Maya to one psd file. I want my psd file to contain the different layers. When I go to select the image format type for my render, PSD is not one of the options. When I change the renderer to software or hardware renderer, PSD is one of the options for image format. I googled around to see if there was a setting I was missing and I got no information. Am I missing something or is it possible this is a glitch on my copy of Arnold?


It is not a glitch of your version.
It is a terrible idea to ouput passes to a psd, and you should not comp your oavs in photoshop. The right worflow requires the exr format and use an application like nuke to correctly comp your image in linear space.


Use .EXR files and the EXR plugin.
As VeDerGoes mentioned rendering into a PSD is not a good idea.


@VanDerGoes Thanks for letting me know it is not a glitch. I make architectural visualizations for printed still images that are output at 72" x 54" x 300 dpi". I have not used Nuke but it seems more geared towards video and I suspect it does not do well at the typical image resolution I work in. If anyone thinks it does it be curious


@Oglu Thanks for sending this. It looks like exactly what I need.


You could also try Blackmagic Fusion (I recommend v9) instead of Nuke. It’s free up to 4K output (so you can experiment), and for your print sizes it’s like 300 USD. I occasionaly use it to put together sliced print (8K+) size render passes, composite, and export the “layers” as png for a .psd delivery to client.
PS can digest a stack of png’s (or any format it reads) into one document, as layers.


Thank you for the information. I will try it out.


You do not need Nuke to comp render passes and elements at all. That’s just silly.

I do the same thing TimMP does and only use Photoshop, for stills that are much larger than 4K. For PRINT. You can’t print 4K images and have them look professional, that’s just nonsense.