No PS plug-ins in AE6.5?!


Hi there,

I’ve just gotten around to test AE 6.5 and I must say I’m a bit annoyed with Adobe. I was thinking of upgrading, but there is one “feature”, or more the lack of it, that makes upgrading impossible to me: In every version I’ve used (up to 6, currently using 5.5), it was possible to use regular PS plug-ins in After Effects. And now, according to the release notes, for some reason Adobe takes this feature out? Why?!
Sure it was a little buggy at times, but I feel it’s one of those features that doesn’t hurt anyone because you’ll only be using it if you need it anyway. So why is it gone…? Other than that I thought AE 6.5 was a good deal!

So to put my little rant in question form: Has anyone found a way to get PS plug-ins to work? I have some that are indispensible for my work, so there’s no way I could upgrade without them working.

Any ideas are appreciated…



I don´t know a possibility to get PS-plugs to work in AFX 5.5 / 6 / 6.5

My Opinion:
I also think it´s hard. The first reason might be, that they don´t support them, they are sometimes buggy and Adobe doesn´t want buggy stuff with their software. The second reason could be, that it´s a licencing reason. Why give one possibility for free, if people could/may pay for ?


I actually thought they took the feature out in like version 4.1, but what do I know :slight_smile: Anyway, the way I suggest (which isn’t ideal by any stretch of the imagination) is to render your video out as frames, then use a PS batch action on the sequence of frames and import that back into AE. Not very interactive, but at least it’s clumsy! :rolleyes: :smiley:


Thanks for the replies, guys.

I still haven’t come up with or heard any plausible explanation for why they took the feature out… I mean, even if it were buggy as webster suggested (which it is, actually), it’s still not a bug the general user will encouter without him taking action beforehand: The plugins must be MANUALLY copied to the AE directory, so there really is no way they would activate without the user explicitly wanting them to… maybe I’ll just go ahead and bug Adobe directly.

Anyway, looks like I’ll be sticking with version 5.5 for now, where the plug-ins I need do work…


I know my AE5.5 crashes everytime I try to use PS7 plug-ins, so I stopped trying to do this a long time ago…


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