No One Was Watching..., Troc (czarnyrobert) (3D)


Title: No One Was Watching…
Name: Troc (czarnyrobert)
Country: Poland
Software: Vue 4 Pro

“No one was watching…”

…their landing. Their first scout ships arrived at dawn, but only a handful of humans was still alive. Not on Earth, but far away, on the invaders mother ship - behind Moon’s orbit. Lucky were those few taken 8 months ago. They were kept as specimens of a race that have to be slaughtered.

Invaders did not want to destroy Earth, its biosphere was just what they needed, it was the purpose of their long journey. They have only to get rid of potential thread posed by humans. Although primitives, but still dangerous. Invaders were preoccupied by thread posed by nuclear missiles. They have not being prepared to wage an open war with a technical civilization, and a single low yield nuclear warhead could easily destroy any of their ship.

They left their home planet over 20000 years ago, they knew their destination thanks to robots that transmitted them a very detailed information about Earth. However by a strange coincidence, no robot succeed to identify stone age humans as a specie that could quickly develop to technical civilization, which now posed a thread that have to be dismissed.

Just six month earlier, they started sending on Earth drones that spread deadly virus all over continents. Of course, drone ships were well protected against Earth’s tracking radar systems. However, few malfunctioning drones crashed and remains of one have being discovered on hills surrounding Zaisan Lake. They have being even correctly identified, so humanity could learn the cause of mysterious disease that since few weeks proliferated at alarming rate. Yet, it was too late. Almost every human already have being infected by a masterpiece of genetic engineering.
Virus was extremely resistant so it could easily spread with dust or water, and was stealthy - it didn’t kill its host during months, but very effective - after gestation period it quickly overwhelmed nerve system - a couple of days after apparition of first flue like symptoms, victims have being paralyzed, then fallen in coma and died. This was the best way to make place for new masters of Blue Planet - clean, quiet and effective. Other specimens of Earth biosphere did not pose a real thread to invaders. Therefore, they did not have to be targeted.
It was the darkest hour of human race, but the rest of Earth’s biosphere could finally take a new breath after centuries of extermination imposed by homo sapiens ( sapiens ? - only this arrogant specie could name itself “intelligent”).

Fortunately, for you and me, it is only a fiction - I hope I did not scare you too much :slight_smile:

This is my first post on CGTalk - previously I posted on Renderosity.

City blocks are from Ajax & Moebius fabulous DYSTOPIA CITY

Ships are from 3D Cafe, and “De Espona 500 3D Objects”

Harbor structures, Alien Scout Ships and Aliens are mine.

Sky is pure Vue volumetric atmosphere with only one cloud layer of my design.
I have to use many additional lights to simulate global lighting and some light reflects typical to radiosity, which Vue doesn’t support (yet). Original scene was rendered in huge size 5400 pixels wide.

The story will continue… (if you like it)

Cheers ! :-))



I like it. I always knew our alarming rate of cultural evolution would be our downfall. So would the aliens not have come if we had posed a threat 20000 years ago? Would they have destroyed us if we were not exterminators of the biosphere?
I wanna see the mothership! Our correct nomenclature is Homo Sapiens Sapiens (double-intelligent).


Thats exceptional render. Beautiful cityscape with tons of details…SUPERB !!! btw Great story too :slight_smile:


Very beautiful.


Woha, I completely forgot the fact that the city was fake… … amazing work! Only the front building seems a bit… copied in. Black edge a the top.

But never mind, very nice image and very nice story behind it. Great!


Very nice image :thumbsup:


nice image, and i love the story, makes the pic more intresting i think :slight_smile:


Great render. It would be cool to see an animation of this scene.


nice image!
the story was interesting.

any chance of some other views of the alien ships?


very nice man :applause: i especially like the lighting in this :thumbsup:


It’s great man! An animation of this would be sweet as well… Love the whole city landscape… How long did it take you to make? Cheers! :thumbsup:


wow! cool!


Thanks for your great comments on my scene!

You can be sure that another scene with close-up on ships and aliens will be done and post on this forum - perhaps at the end of September (It will depend how much free time I will have :frowning: )

It is difficult to say how much time I spent setting whole scene - I didn’t check it -

I worked on this scene since end of may - but I did it form time to time, during evenings.

Probably it was something around 3 weeks of full time work (ca 10 hours per day, 5 days a week)

Animation ? Yeah, sure - as soon as I will have a 100 times more computing power :-))

Full size scene in good quality took several hours to render.

But in 1988, my old Amiga spent the same time to render a small picture with a few primitives… fortunately computers power grows each year :-))


Awesome work. I enjoyed the story, can’t wait to read and see more. swietny klimat!


finish the story! I thought it was good … although it better not end with the last remaining humans on the mothership coming back to earth and using a nuclear missle to destroy the alien ships … if so, I saw that one coming =)

btw nice image


Good idea in background, i like the picture too


very well done. nothing to criticise. your image shows that sci-fi was made for cg (or the other way around), like star trek or so many other movies.

the story added a lot of depth to the scene, otherwise no one would understand why some scary spaceship would dock onto a building. maybe you should create a web page with a few images and your story in between, like a child’s book :wink: but before that make sure that someone translates it into clean english, no offense :wink:

id like to see more, keep it coming


Nice work. Great athmosphere… I really got the feeling. :thumbsup:


Sorry for commenting so late.

I just entered the forum and now I’m checking all threads.

Really nice work. I especially like the perspective and lighting.

Only one crit: the clouds are a bit weird. Have you used a textured plane? The clouds in the foreground seem to be embossed. It looks like wrinkles or something.


That’s’s very good.great idea.I surpress that you are very success.I chongpai you!
I want to know that you used to picture how long the time.
sorry my english is very very poor.
so I am sorry.