No new Mac this year... but a "cheaper" iphone for face capture


So Apple’s Keynote is over… and there will be an ever so slightly cheaper (you can keep one of your kidneys) Iphone “R” with the truedepth camera for facial tracking.

It’s still super expensive for a phone, but for us C4D folks, if you consider that it gets you the equivalent of a permanent license of faceshift (now discontinued but used to be 1500/year before apple takeover) it gets much more interesting as a facial mocap tool (which can also make phone calls).

I wonder how the depth sensor can also be hacked to make a 3D scanner…

No new mac announcement though… That’s a bit sad.


Apple has never used the September event to announce new Mac Hardware, it was for years the iPod reveal, and then became the iPhone event as the latter platform overtook the former.

MacBook Pros were announced recently,
MacBooks will probably get a quiet update unworthy of its own event
And New Mac Pros have already been stated to be scheduled for 2019

So, I’m not sure what you were expecting?


I never followed the keynote before, I only did this year because I’m interested in facial mocap (C4D and Unity) and was expecting maybe an entry level iphone with truedepth camera to do so.

Entry level starts at 860 euros apparently at Apple, so that’s a fair bit a more than I expected (but mind you I have a 100€ android phone, so I’m not in the same league).

Regarding Macs, since this seemed the big annual Apple keynote I thought there would be a hint about computers in general… What do I know ?


I’ve not used an iPhone X, but how can you collect and use the face capture data? Is there a 3rd party app that makes it easy?


Hi, On Cineversity there is a special plugin that lets you use the iPhone X FaceID for this.



Yes, there’s an app for C4D on cineversity, an app for unity and an app for iclone and crazytalk from Reallusion as well.


Apple never releases new Macs during their September iOS / iPhone events. But according to some rumors best you could hope for is a new Mac mini before end of year. New Mac Pro is next year. MBP already updated this year as someone else said.