No-More-Wine!, Simon Blanc (3D)


Title: No-More-Wine!
Name: Simon Blanc
Country: United States
Software: Digital Fusion, Photoshop, XSI

Hey Everybody !

Here’s my last personnal picture, a kind of funny tribute to pirates of carribean, i started this one from scratch in Zbrush, playing around with zspheres and…the idea comes to me !

You’ll find the Hi res pic (4K) at

I really hope you’ll have a smile when you will see this one, have fun ! :slight_smile:


That is SO cute!


i feel honored to have seen your first print of this piece :slight_smile:


my new background!

great work.


hA! geart char love it :):bounce:


Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Love the 4k render also, you can really tell you had fun with this one. Well deserved plug.


take care and thx for the smile!



That. Is. Awesome.
Wow, I haven’t had a piece of work crack me up like this in a long time. Great job, I especially love the little octopuses in the foreground. Great work!



Print looks great! :slight_smile:


Awesome character and great render!

The animator in me would like to make the pose more expressive - like have him half-lidded, slightly unfocused, with the wine glass in the right hand, maybe mouth open in anticipation of his next bite. He does seem frustrated in this one though, like he’s fed up of mixing up his spaghetti and tentacles, so maybe I’ll shut up and just say nice one, made me smile :slight_smile:


Oh that is fantastic. :smiley:

Gorgeous shader work and the face is just priceless. The level of effort you’ve gone to to set the scene up for the character is well worth it.

Really great stuff. We don’t see originality like this enough in the gallery.


Thank you so much for the kind words!! i’m glad you have fun watching at this pic !
i had a great time working with this face in front of me too haha , thank you all again … and also for the frontpage , that make my day!

am’ happy!

Simon :slight_smile:


Hahaha… great picture - lots of fantastic detail in that full res image.
Keep up the good work!


Hey! I know this guy! Brilliant!


That’s brilliant! He looks like a cross between Oscar the Grouch, Davey Jones and a particularly carb addicted octopi. Faaaantastic!


That is absolutely stunning piece of work! Cool composition and very lovely choice of colors too! Very enjoyable piece of art! Congratulations on the frontpage! Very well deserved!



I give it 1.5 stars out of 10. No wait… AWESOME work Simon! :slight_smile: I love it.


I love this!!

Good job mate!!!




I love it!!!

Simply brilliant!!!


haha, it’s adorable cute. i love the rendering too.



whoooooaaahh .
thank you for puting a smile on my face today …
and congrate for teh front page …
very refreshing stuff !!