No more Silo tuts from Ant?


I am disappointed that Silo is being developed very slowly! :sad: No mac version of 2.3.1 yet. And it looks like Antony Ward won’t be making anymore Silo tutorials either!!prettyPhoto/1/

I like Maya too, and this new tutorial he has made with Maya 2015 looks interesting though.


Not sure what the hold up for Mac 2.3.1 is. As far as Ant goes, I’m not sure what he can teach about Silo that he hasn’t already taught. There is a much larger market for Maya tutorials and a man has to make a living.

Edit: There is some info in the release notes.

NOTE: The OSX (Mac) version of Silo 2.3.1 is coming soon; we’ve had to delay release based on new Gatekeeper requirements and how they play with current Qt libraries. We will be integrating the latest Qt libraries with a fix as soon as they are available, and will then release 2.3.1 for OSX. The latest available version for Mac is still at 2.3.02.


Well, I already read that about Silo for mac is coming soon, but it should have been ready already. :wink:

Antony Ward has made many tutorials with Silo, but I always like to see new ones. I like to see how he models complex objects. I know he always used Maya, and it looks as though he is doing subdivisional modeling in Maya in that new tutorial. I can’t wait to see those Maya tutorials.

Anyway, I see your avatar of a priest? Is that you? If so, are you using Silo to create things for a church?


While updates have been extremely slow over the past years… The software is still pretty feature rich, and you can use it to do a fair bit without any further updates, I am eager to see what’s going to come next now though.

As for tutorials… I’ve actually been planning some out myself, Character modelling from start to finish in Silo 2 and then rigging and animation for games within Messiah Studio.

I’ve used Maya for years now, but I’ve been freelancing for some time and haven’t updated my license of Maya since 2012. I often use Silo2 on my low spec laptop for low to mid level modeling on the go as it takes up next to no space on the HDD and runs smoothly even on a really low spec machine but also performs really well.

I’m not too sure what you’re looking for in future tutorials, I might not be as professional as Anthony Ward in the way I present the tutorials either, but the content will be solid and in time and with feedback I am sure the presentation of the content and the tutorials as a whole will improve too.

A teaser image:

That isn’t going to be the finished model it was a work in progress at the time I took that screenshot and I am still planning out the content of the series of videos, but I plan on making many more using Silo 2. As a bonus a friend I am working along side wants to make Unity game development tutorials with the content as well, so… I am hoping we can get something set up for all of this very soon.

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I like looking at Antony Ward tutorials because he does things faster and finds short cuts when creating 3D models. It saves me a lot of time trying to figure out how to model the right way.

I have tried modeling characters myself with Silo, but I didn’t create them that well, that is why used tutorials. After looking at Antony Ward’s tutorials, I find that I do create models better than I did before.

I always like to see what new techniques he comes up with, especially with game character development. I have looked at 3dworld magazines articles, and videos from Antony Ward. Most are with Silo along with Maya and Photoshop. But the last tutorials he just uses Maya to create the igor model. The clothing he used Marvelous Designer.

Well, I am hoping your tutorials, Patrick, are easy to follow, show ALL STEPS! :keenly:


I have never actually once gone over any of his tutorials but I have met him briefly while visiting the university he teaches at.

It’s always good to learn from other artists, I’ve found through experience in meeting new artist friends, when we share our techniques it usually always works out for the best and gives a fresh outlook on a couple of things.

The tutorials I will be creating will be 100% full real time with all steps and likely a couple of mistakes included (on purpose) so hopefully people like them.

I will make a post on these forums when they are ready or nearing completion, after that series of tutorials I will be taking suggestions too :slight_smile:



Hi guys!

Sorry just stumbled upon this thread and wanted to say hi! and also thanks to NormalNutcase for the kind words…

Means a lot to know my tutorials are actually helping people.

It is unfortunate that the development of Silo is at a snails pace but while they are lagging behind Maya is quickly catching up. Hence since Maya 2015 I am sorry to say I havn`t touched Silo :frowning:

Don`t get me wrong, its still an amazing app but Maya is catching up with the ability to model quickly and efficiently.



It’s nice that you stumbled upon this thread… I’m sure NormalNutcase will be chuffed.

After I saw the updates to Maya’s modelling toolset with the 2015 release I realized that I too would rarely use another application for modeling but I had been running a subscription for the software due to the cost of updating my current Maya license to 2015 being almost the same amount as buying a whole new seat for the new version of Maya. I’ve since dropped the subscription for financial reasons. (things are getting a little tough)

I agree with Maya definitely catching up in the modeling area of the software, but Silo is perfect for those without the means to drop the kind of money you’d need for the Maya license. Or those just getting into things that can’t get to grips with something like Blender. (for whatever reason)

Since seeing this post and reading what “NormalNutcase” has said about your tutorials I’ve had a little look over some articles I’ve found written by you, great stuff. I just hope that the tutorials I am working on do the job of helping people as well.

I’m hoping that the development of Silo picks up within this next year… I really enjoy using the software, it also runs really well on a really low spec laptop that I have so that’s always an added bonus in my opinion.



Thanks for responding Antony! Well, It was obvious that you are no longer using Silo, and it looks like you used it for about 6-7 years? I am glad that Maya has modeling tools like Silo, but I find Silo a bit faster at creating models.

Anyway, I look forward to your Maya tutorials. :thumbsup:


im second for the opinion about tutorials…

the exist tutorials for the exist silo, i think cover everything about silo functionality…

anthonys tutorials going beyond the basic functionality…

it shows the hardest of modeling, the human characters from toe to the top of head…

if one follow that and finish with understanding, for that one all tutorial shown.

details, how can be merge objects keeping the quads, that i think everyones homework…
case by case…

and with a weird example you can read 100’s of tutorials about bycycles, wacth hundred of videos… and…

after year study you sit up on a bycycle first time and you fall… so beside tutorials, we also have to make our effort… our practices…

just my 2 cent…


Nevercenter has released an updated version of Silo,…Does that mean Antony Ward may consider some new tutorials? I recently purchased his Silo modeling book on Amazon.


Wow, I haven’t been here for ages! Silo updates take way too long! I haven’t tried the newer Silo yet, not sure if I want to bother though. I see why Antony Ward doesn’t use Silo anymore, Nevercenter doesn’t stay focused on improving their software, just whenever they feel like it.:unamused:


So sorry you feel that way about Silo. :frowning:

We definitely had to step away for a bit as we tried to get some more income sources (Silo alone wasn’t enough to support us). We are back now, though, and working hard to earn the community’s trust again and get Silo self-supporting. We’ve been able to release a series of updates in the last six months (smoothing groups, 3d text, FBX materials/textures, live textures, etc) and are working on more–you can see a quick walkthrough on the blog at

Hope we can earn back your support! We’d love to hear your thoughts on features/fixes for upcoming updates.


And on-topic for this thread, we’d LOVE more tutorials form Antony Ward! :slight_smile: