no installer products for autodesk in 2 years?


i really want to understand all the cloud story of autodesk

in the end of the day, they mean that nobody can work in OFFLINE in autodesk products OR installers products like 3ds max 2015 :slight_smile: will be still in those days?
all this for prevent the crackers to act? its going to work?


We deal with confidential 3D client designs where I’m working right now.

Confidential means that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do we connect the PCs we work on to the internet.

If we did connect to the internet, a hacker or virus/trojan could easily steal or leak the designs.

In plain words: There are many, many realworld scenarios where the computer you work on MUST NOT BE CONNECTED to the Internet.

So there has to be an offline installer for any DCC software we use, an installer that doesn’t need Internet activation or a live internet connection to install/work.

If Autodesk makes Internet Connectivity MANDATORY for using its products, tens of thousands of people will probably switch to software that doesn’t require this.

There’s always alternative products that DO WORK OFFLINE.

If Autodesk goes the “Mandatory Cloud-Based Application” route, I guarantee you that they will loose many customers.

And then, within 3 - 6 months they will make Offline Applications available again so as not to loose their customer base.


Do you have any NEW source for this? Or is two years your own estimate?


one of the many cover stories:

if they do that, they will indeed lose a lot of customers.


I agree they’d lose many customers.
But the Carl Bass interview spawned numerous rebuttals from the M&E division, Marc Petit is mentioned in the article you link to and Ken Pimentel did have a few thing to say about it as well. I don’t have the time to look up the links, but there were several threads on the topic even here at the CGTalk. Bottom line: we all know it will come, nobody knows when, but personally I think (or is it hope) it won’t happen overnight.


I agree they’d lose many customers.
But the Carl Bass interview spawned numerous rebuttals from the M&E division, Marc Petit is mentioned in the article you link to and Ken Pimentel did have a few thing to say about it as well.

don’t forget that two months ago when there quarterly earnings were poor and they started laying people off. in the article about the poor earnings they also talked about focusing on mobile which means the same cloud based model.


True, the game may have changed after the “quarterly earnings” woes, I however still believe the objections originally raised by Marc Petit and Ken Pimentel (among others) against the idea of implementing this easily in the context of Autodesk Media & Entertainment to be valid. But this might just as well wishful thinking, I hasten to add… :argh:
And in the Second Quarter Results press release Carl Bass is quoted as saying:

This restructuring is squarely focused on our continued transformation and shift to more cloud and mobile computing.

A shift to MORE (as in: not all?) cloud and mobile computing, as was to be expected, but it seems to be a slightly more subtle statement than mr. Bass’ original one (in the interview mentioned above).


If you were any more paranoid you’d neOH MY GOD THERES A MONSTER IN THE CUPBOARD!


We’ve had our wireless router and local area network hacked by parties unknown in the past. We never found out who did it, how they did it, or how much data they gained access to.

There’s no way in hell that we are hooking our work PCs up to the internet again.

Go ahead, make fun of that all you want.

All software should have an offline installer available for precisely this reason.


There’s too many reasons why this can’t realistically happen for max/maya. Plugins being the biggest and most important. The CEO just got on camera and started parroting words he didn’t really understand… I’m sure we’ve all seen it before. I like righteous indignation as much as the next guy, but…


There’s already been articles and statements made saying that what the CEO said was wrong. He didn’t know what cloud computing was and they are not moving to a cloud only system.


I don’t think it’s beating a dead horse that much, but more of a Sword of Damocles Autodesk has hung above our heads. Eventually (but probably not terribly soon, probably not the two years the OP mentioned) the company will switch to cloud-only (they “just” have to iron out a “couple” of M&E concerns :stuck_out_tongue: ) and when they do we can’t say we weren’t forewarned.


I just don’t see how it can work. The bandwidth costs alone would make it terribly expensive for Autodesk. At my current day job we render almost 30 gigs a day easy… that would really tough to deal with. I’ll just say then that I’m very skeptical. I must admit, I had to google Sword of Damocles. :cry: Interesting story.


That’s all fine until all the other software makers also go Cloud. Then it will be either use the Cloud or go out of business.


In the days thats happend with the cloud issue, you think the crackers team find a way to make autodesk suprise and get there hands on the news version and make them work offline?


First of all, that video of Carl Bass was dated from April. Autodesk has already said that Carl Bass didn’t know what he was talking about by using the term “cloud computing”. They have no plans in the future to make a cloud ONLY service.

This thread is pointless.


If it is true or not I think it would actually be a great thing for the industry. Stopping people using non commercial software for commercial projects will help the constant undercutting that goes on in the smaller boutique arena of VFX and creative industries.

Yes there are issues with security but considering there are easy methods to create secure access. An easy option would be to sheild all content servers/storage as areas with no internet access but a single licence server could still access the outside world without the fear of compromising data.

I would actually think this would be great as long as Autodesk were able to help figure the security concerns. The only people who should really complain are those who currently do not pay to use these types of software.


eh, just buy Lightwave and grab yourself a dongle! :slight_smile:


The problem there is with your network security, not with connecting to the internet.

Besides, connected to the internet or not, a wifi hack means even if you had no internet connection your WAN could still be hacked, those are done in proximity, not remotely, to sniff the wedge-in. So internet or not you’re probably still as vulnerable as you were before (unless you now move stuff around on usb sticks), but just steaming in a false sense of security.

The problem isn’t the interwebs, the problem is wifi. I have demonstrated a full printer and NAS hack in less than 5 minutes to a friend once, done from a four years old netbook. That’s how bad some wifi netoworks are. And no, I’m not a systems kinda person, far from it, but you can practically google your way to a full sniff and hack from being a completely ignorant SOD to looking at somebody’s tax return in a day.

And why in a frozen hell are you wirelessly networked anyway if you produce anywhere close to the amount of data modern DCC requires moving around? We barely cope with double gigabit for some staff, and localising online is still mandatory for selected suites. I can’t imagine how someone would manage even on dual band 300N.

There are NOT many real world scenarios left in CG where you can’t be connected to the internet, unless the company is helmed by a cheaparse or a tinfoil paranoid unaware of digital security. There are only a handful and only related to a limited subset of jobs that are defense, national security, or low level massive IP clearance (pharmaceutical companies), or other similarly highly sensitive subjects.

Not that it means I’d be happy with online only AD clients, but your reasoning behind it being unviable, or the idea this is done to crack down on piracy, are both preposterously off the mark.
Get a decent sysadmin and wire the office instead of running 30$ d-link routers.


If you get your entire network compromised, that doesnt mean “disconnect from the network/internet, its not safe”, it means “Our security is terrible” Your network might have been compromised by plugging in a new usb stick that was preloaded with a trojan from the south asian factory it came from; are you going to disable all usb ports? Or the same from an external drive, are you going to disable all firewire ports?

I cant imagine trying to run anything productive on a machine without any net access. I use it constantly for getting reference material, textures, scripts, gaining insight from friends via messenger. Every time Im on a machine at a job with no net connection I feel crippled in what Im doing. Sure I’ll get the job done, but it could have been better and faster had I had all the facilities I needed.

But, I do agree there should always be an offline installer.