No idea how to go about this


Hi everyone, first post here. I’ve worked a little bit with Maya in the past and am back in school taking CADD, working a lot with Solidworks, Inventor, etc.

I recently got a 3d printer and am working on a project involving various mediums, but I’m totally stuck at this point. I’m trying to create a shell with a surface texture of the Death Star (not a map, but actual 3d texture). There are no models available that have the amount of detail I need, so I’m trying to figure out how to go about creating my own, but from all the information I can gather, it’s next to impossible to cut/emboss a linear texture onto a sphere. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, and it’s all been a dead end.

This is the look I’m wanting, taken from a 5-1/2" diameter model that I black-washed to bring out the detail. The final will be 36" diameter, cut into interlocking sections. Is there any way anyone knows of to replicate this in any 3d program in order to turn it into a 3d-printable shell? I’d like to keep all the fine details, so I don’t think a home-made 3d scanner would be the way to go, either. And of course, I’m willing to do the work necessary, not just looking for a quick fix, just whatever method would be most effective and practical.

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated, as I’m almost at the point of giving up on the project that I’ve already spent months on. Of course I won’t allow myself to give up, but I’m feeling really stuck right now.