no hardware HUD rendering R14?



I’m running R14.034 on Mac 10.8.2 and am not able to render a hardware preview with HUD elements even tho a standard render works fine and everything that needs to be enabled for this to happen is enabled.

Can any one else reproduce this? Thanks in advance



Moor of a poor design flaw than a bug. You need to go into standard render mode, turn on “render HUD” in the options, and then switch back to hardware. They option simply isn’t available when int he hardware mode despite the fact that it does affect the hardware renders.


Agreed on the design flaw.

I checked to make sure before posting: while HUD elements render in standard renderer, even while enabled, hardware renders don’t. I checked my installs of R12 and R13 and there both work as expected.


Just got an update from Maxon support that while it works as expected in Windows, this looks like a bug specific to Mac. I’m told they’re looking into it :slight_smile:


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