No forum for Rhino?


I was a little surprised that there seems to be no forum dedicated to Rhinoceros 3D.



I wish that I could say that I were surprised, but I’m not.

CGSociety’s forums, by and large, cater to a mostly Autodesk audience. Being that programs such as Maya and 3dsmax are de facto standards in a number of industries, I can totally understand why that’s the case. Still, if you’re not a user of one of those programs, you exist on the fringe here. It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the 2-3mil active Blender users. This here is Autodesk country, like it or not.

With regards to Rhino specifically, this site did have a dedicated section. However, it was removed about 10 years ago, probably due to the lack of use. At this point, you’re probably better off looking for a Rhino only forum or a FB group if you want to find like minded users.


I would also suggest that this isn’t a CAD oriented forum either.

Sure there is crossover but probably not that much to require a forum particular to Rhino.

Also note-AUTOCAD doesn’t have a group here either (also an Autodesk product).


I still think it’s good to bring it up user groups can change over time. Rhino is used for Industrial design incorporated into non-engineering products and that wasn’t the case when the app was originally introduced. I’d also like to see maybe a MOI 3D forum as well as a Silo 3D forum.


CG Talk has had a Silo section since 2006. It used to be right on the front page. Now it’s been dumped into the “Additional Software” section alongside Blender, LightWave, & 3D-Coat. Unlike those three, I can kind of understand why Silo has been buried.

Silo’s history has been a little colorful. I was going to go into some huge diatribe explaining the history of the app, its ups and downs, and why it deserves to be in that graveyard of “Additional Software.” However, let’s just say that, since the v2.0 beta in 2003, it has only moved to v2.56. Almost 17 years and they haven’t even moved a full version. Silo’s has gone ignored and neglected in that period, along with its customer base. SOME effort has been put in over the past 2 or 3 years, but it has been minimal. Silo has a devoted fanbase, but the app itself is largely zombieware. I’m shocked that it’s still sold, tbh.