No F e a r ! !, Dmitry Gaborak (3D)


Title: No F e a r ! !
Name: Dmitry Gaborak
Country: Singapore
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

No Fear in his eyes…
I tried to make the brutal ,brave character, which dont know any fear in battle and in same time clever and noble, the Hero!
The Character which person can choose to play in future videogame or watch Cinematic of great battle.
I believe charisma is of great importance in creating a characters. I really enjoyed creating this guy in 3d :slight_smile: Original size of render 3500*2254.
Character was done for Gameloft and lately was presented on CG exhibition in Singapore.
Thank you for watching, comments/critique welcome)


Great model!
Congratulation man. :thumbsup:


That character’s badass, great work!


Absolutely brilliant. Congrat for such a great job! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Serios man! Congratulations! :thumbsup:


Happy to know that you like it! Thank you for comments!

  Here is the high resolution and greyscale versions. Please click on images to view [b]Full Size[/b]. [http://neverwintered/carelessangel/full-size]( 




Nice body! The materials look awesome and you did a great job on the fur. Can’t wait to see more of your work. :beer:


Ohhh. Very nice work.
I like materials.


Good job ! :thumbsup:


Cool staff :slight_smile:


Absolutely fantastic work, 5*
where’s award!?


As a game model it’s flawless! I like the design. Not a fan of japanese manga style weapon, but to each their own :slight_smile:

How did you make the fur? Poly planes with transparancies?


Hey man awesome stuff :slight_smile:

I really dig the feel of this character, it spells bad-ass very well :smiley:


ps: this really should get an award :slight_smile:


Awesome piece, solid and well constructed! Dig everything about it.




Congrats on the plug man! Brilliant work on this :slight_smile:


WOW! looks so great!


Very well done! The armour looks insanely heavy, but that is a good thing, it means you managed to convey material properties properly :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


Glad to be plug on Top Row!

CGtalk my favorite forum and i believe here are best of the best Artworks and talens Artists from all the Worlds! Thanks!


Very cool. Looks like it would be at home in Gears Of War if it took place during the middle ages!


Awesome piece of work, every item is nicely placed.
Love the textures for the metal parts,nicely weathered.
Good job my fren, hope to see more work… xD