No Environment fog in maya 6


Hey, I have a problem in maya 6: the environment fog option doesn’t appear in the render globals. Anyone know of a possible cause for that?

Thanks in advance



It should be there… are you looking in the renderOptions tab of the MAYA SOFTWARE render options(as opposed to mental ray or hardware)?



Thanks Duncan, i was looking for it in the common tab, i saw it in a tutorial, guess it must be for an older version… So is there no way to get environment fog in mental ray?


Volume shaders.


You can still use envFog in Mental ray. Set the globals to maya software, create the fog under render options then set it back to Mental Ray(this sets up an ambient light with some hidden connections so that the fog gets applied like a large light fog… kinda crazy, but that’s the way
it was originally designed). You can get at the envFog node to edit it from the hypershade window. I could not find any UI to setup this from the mental block, so I will log a bug.

Note that fluids(in 6.0 they render in Mental) are also a good way of handling fog in some
cases. Create a 3D fluid container and set it to the skyFog preset(in the attribute editor).
The rendering is not as fast generally as envFog or the volume primitives, however the
volumetric integration is better handled, so that the volume density is consistent as
the camera moves. Texturing of the volume is also better handled by fluids. One also
has the benefit that it can be previewed in shaded display.



hi duncan I am sorry to be rude and post this here but I was wondering if u could do me a favor look at this thread
and see if you have any ideas on how to solve the problem


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