No Crowd Software for 3dsmax ?


I don’t know if I searched well but, except axyz software for some kind of crowd simulation, which I find limited due to the lack of custom meshes use (if I remember), it doesn’t seem to exist any crowd simulation solution for 3dsmax out there, such as golaem or the like.
Am I right?
It’s a pity we can’t have a decent crowd system for max.


Do you mean something like Populate in 3ds Max 2014?


Populate is quite limited in Max 2014 but could maybe be passable for medium -> far crowd shots.

As far as I know, the only other native crowd system in Max is ‘Biped Crowd.’ I played around with it a bit and it would be passable but was old and time-consuming to set up.

Failing that, you could make a simple crowd using Particle flow.

If anyone knows of any nice 3rd party plugins for Max (like Golaem for maya), i’d be interested to know too!


Actually, I know about populate, but as Michael said, it is limited. We want real crowd system like goalem, etc.
Btw thank you for the pflow tip for crowd I didn’t remember that, I think I’ll really look at it soon!


Like Michael said take a look at helpers->crowd. It even works with cat-characters.


Nice! I didn’t know it worked with cat.
Thank you


Luis Marcoux has a tutorial for this on the Area.


Thank you. Your help is much appreciated, as well as the other’s in this post.
Mutual Assistance is always a beautiful thing to see. : )


Pete Drapers the guy for this! He’s made some awesome PFlow crowd set-ups.

I would say PFlow is the way to go I don’t see that we Max Users will get a crowd system anytime soon. TP is another option.


Thamk you for the info, but could you give us a link, i didn’t find anything so far about pete draper…


Yeah Sorry was meant to include the link!

He talks a lot about the set-ups on this Breakdown video for some Indian film he worked on!

Hope that Helps!




Thank ou for these, but I know about them and i searched inside without finding the pflow crowd tut


Look more carefully.


Ok Thank you! Got it


thank you !


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