NMP-City, Worakarn Kaewchaiyo (2D)


Title: NMP-City
Name: Worakarn Kaewchaiyo
Country: Thailand
Software: Photoshop

Hello, this is my first post on cgsociety.
NMP-city(New Machu Picchu - City) inspired by Machu Picchu planing and atmosphere.

I took a lot of time to try to paint this picture.
It’s hard work and very difficult for me.
Because i have a little skill in traditional painting.

Please feel free to comment and sorry for my poor english.
Worakarn Kaewchaiyo


weird, I had a dream of a building similar to this last night!! It had a very scarey escalator/lift system right to the top that had no sides on it. Those with no head for heights took the stairs!!

Top work and great vision!



interesting :thumbsup:


I love the design, it´s so complicated. Good work!


Quite an interestingl Design



Great effort ! Great concept ! Bravo !


Everybody,Thank you very much. I will keep trying.
Worakarn Kaewchaiyo


It looks great. very high imagination here! great work.


I think your skills in traditional painting made this look awesome. Reminds me the old sci-fi concepts. Great work !


Hello Velarion,
Hello thyn.
Thank you very much.


Brilliant ideas you have!
It also remind me of sci-fi scenes, keep practicing you are very talented!


Hello MaryamNademi.
I painted this personal work in my free time, because i love sci-fi movies very much.
Thank you very much for your compliment. I will keep trying.:slight_smile:


Just checked out your portfolio, great looking stuff man, in this one it might be interesting to throw in some more people/ ships or other stuff. For scale and just to make it come to life a bit more.

Great work though man, peace


Hello miggah. I’m very happy to see your comment.
I agree with you ,my work need to add more detail.
Thank you for your advise and compliment.:slight_smile:


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