Nixus is online


Hi guys,
I have updated my site with new stuff from my latest work: NIXUS. Movie, stills, making of and some gift :wink:

I plan to make some update tomorrow on my store with this material.

I hope you like it.
Best regards.


Absolutely incredible. Beautiful work.



Jaw-droppingly outstanding. Slick, faultless, striking, resplendent… I could be here all day… :wink:


“Hey Mav, you still got that number for that truck driver school? I might need that.”


Simply amazing. You really are an outstanding artist Cristobal.
Thanks for sharing.


Amazing as always.

Have you also posted this on the “3D Finished Stills” section?



double post


Another great work! You are always an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing so much!


HI Cristobal!

Marvelous, as always.
What a perfect reflections!


hope to see u in galicia:


Hi Cristobal Villa,

Sweet!!! Just beautiful.
As always, your work is great.

So… so… how do I get myself a Nixus? :smiley:

Also, will you also model the interior of the Nixus and show us?



Impressive, Cristobal, as ever. Great design, great model, great animation… :applause:
always inspiring. The model was done with EiModeler? or another thing?. Beautiful. :thumbsup:
will you model the interior of the Nixus too?

ChiralSym, in the Spot :stuck_out_tongue: says around US$ 500.000 :scream: nice price for a nice car. I wonder if Cristobal is thinking seriously about. Maybe is not a bad idea… :eek:


Incredible works as usual. :applause: Thanks for showing us ability of EI. :thumbsup:


Hey Cristóbal.

Amazing work (again).

If you haven’t posted your link on the Finished work subforum, please do :slight_smile:

This has front page and CG choice gallery written all over it.

Good luck!


P.D. Te envié un correo…

P.D.2. This site is getting very slooooow…


Beautiful quality, very convincing and super slick design.

Martin Kay


Thanks for your kind comments, folks :slight_smile:

Giacomo & Velarde: I have tried to post this to the “3D Finished Stills” this afternoon with no luck. The first attempt I could fill the needed form but it was not possible to upload the image. The second attempt the server says directly “You may not post new threads” :frowning: Maybe CGTalk is very busy now
I will try later
Maybe there is some problem with my CGTalk account (but I can post here

ChiralSym: at first time my plan was to model the interior too
But I am not sure now. I have lots of other projects (personal and commercial) and no time to do all :-/

FelixCat: Nixus was modeled with Rhino (Win). Apart from this all is EIAS (Mac)

Alberto: a ver si nos vamos a comer un poco de pulpo y empanada con Luisico :wink:

Thanks to all and best regards.


Voy a limpiarme la baba… :wink:


Congratulations… How much time to model car ?


I love the movie its great, outstanding work as usual, neat trick with the z-depth too :thumbsup:

Thanks for posting the blueprints, who wouldn’t want to model such an awesome concept :slight_smile:

All the best and thanks for sharing this great project.



No nos antojen a los que no estamos en España… :wink: ja

By the way, just updated the EIAS front page

Good luck Cristóbal!



Wow, Wow, Wow… Wow…

Another really great piece of art and design Cristobal.

Thanks for showing your work,