Nitoblast in C4D r20


Does anyone have Nitroblast working in r20?


As far as I know Nitomans plugins are written in python and should work in R20 out of the box. Only c++ plugins need to adapt to the new API.



did you try it out in r20? I cannot get it to work in r20. talking about Nitroblast v2.02


I am still looking to hear from someone who is using nitroblast in c4d r20. I cannot get it to work/fracture.


Have you got your new R20 serial number? Also, I used to have issues getting the serial to work with previous setups. I can’t remember specifics, but there’s a certain way you need to license it - that might be the problem. If i remember correctly , if the license isn’t recognised, it will load but not work.


You need to ask Lazaros for new licencies and download updated versions for R20.


Dart, so, Nitoblasat is working in r20? I will look into what you suggest. Thanks.


Thanks Bezo


I don’t know if it works in R20, I haven’t tried it myself.