Nissa Skyline Gtr 34 (fnf Edition), A.baldasseroni (3D)


finalmente un thread dove posso parlare in italiano,Devo dire che quel render è pazzesco,veramente realistico…scusa se sono indiscreto,ma dove lavori? (L.A? :D)

(Finally a thread where I can speak italian,I got to say that those images are freaking realistic!..sorry for the question but what is your Job?)

ps:Diaz smetti di importunare tutti gli italiani! :scream::slight_smile:


great modeling as always Alessandro, lovely render too :slight_smile:


il ps del messaggio di prima era rivolto a dias…scusate l’errore…:sad:


Very good work ! what impressive modeling !!perfect net!:thumbsup:


Great work~! I like your Metarial & Rendering. it’s awesome~!


wohooo! :scream:
it’s a pleasure to see a Skyline from the artistic view of Mr Baldasseroni :bowdown:
Thaaank youu!


year ! ! !nice mod :slight_smile: super render :slight_smile: bravo !)


great job Balda… as always


simply beautifull man it just :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
how to model tyre, tutorials


:bounce::eek:great modeling, great rendering, and great car!!!:eek::bounce:


Awesome car, awesome render. Hats off!

:thumbsup: :applause:


Nice render. Besides de “wow and awesome” commentary way that I no doubt you’ll get plenty of, I’d like to ask something that I found missing in the commentarys of the talented artist that have the skills to do such grat looking renders: the illumination part of them. Stunning modelling, great textures, good post-processing the renders… but how about the lighting setup? Can you share some of your skills on that aspect, please? :slight_smile:



That’s a fairly fantastic render, just curious on the time it took you and is it all with 3DS Max or was there any added deatil with another prog.
Keep up the great work!


that car looks damn nice!:thumbsup:




Da fastidio da tanto che è bella! Sei l’onore della grafica italiana alessandro! Per fortuna ci sei tu!


Sweet! That is one killer model!


Awesome render and model man!! Nice work. Is this rendered in regular max scanline/mentalray / or Brazil?? What are the subdivisions set to from the original cage?


If I have this car…hahah


Amazing work!!!
(me wants a skyline like this one)