Nissa Skyline Gtr 34 (fnf Edition), A.baldasseroni (3D)


Title: Nissa Skyline Gtr 34 (fnf Edition)
Name: A.baldasseroni
Country: Italy
Software: 3d Studio Max 6.0

Here`s some renders of this Nissan , made just for fun under “pressing” request of a friend of mine, hope you like it, and of course comments and crits are welcomed as usual.




Sweeeeet! VERY nice!
But you know, there isn’t a passenger seat in this car. It’s replaced by three bottles of NOS. :slight_smile:


Reeeeally great work! It looks nearly real for me :smiley:


Nice!!! I really like the first 2 large renders. Tailpipe looks a little small, had to try to crit something :wink: I’d like to see an unsmoothed wire shot, as well as know which renderer was used, looks very impressive!


Man really REALLY great modeling!!

The surface on your wheels looks a little off. Maybe add a little more spec or reflection, right now that’s the only thing that really sticks out to me but I’m nitpicking… great job man :thumbsup:


Mio dio, è bellissima. :thumbsup:

Ma ti troverò su qualche forum italiano?


Lascia stare, ho capito, sei amico di Manu. :slight_smile:

Excuse me CGTalk users for my little conversation in italian. :slight_smile:


pZion : Doh…i think you are right :smiley:

Tbonz816 : heres a couple of wireframe , its rendered in Brazil Btw

Dias : Grazie dellapprezzamento! ....ehm...chi e Manu ?:shrug:




Droooool !!! Stunning. Love this car too and the way you displayed it with the lighting. So why isn’t it on the front page yet ?? :bounce:


I love it!
Perfect modelling and very nice rendering. The lighting is very good.

:buttrock:This car drove right out of an NFS:Underground 2 garage :buttrock:


Emanuale, non lo conosci? Ti ho riconosciuto dal modello di Eva, mi ricordo che avevate intenzione di fare un’animazione. Cmq potrei essermi sbagliato, in quel caso scusami. :slight_smile:


Ottimo lavoro made in Italy! :slight_smile:

go on! :buttrock:


Anyway, how did you make that tyres (parlo delle gomme, non cerchioni)?
Nurbs o poly? If you did them with poly, can you post some bigger wire? :blush:


jeez Ale…
you are getting better every time.
can’t really find much to crit on, -plugged-


The car is ugly as hell ( the design, but i never liked Skyline look anyway hehe, i like smooth shapes :stuck_out_tongue: ) but the way you created it is simpy amazing, great work, great details, doesn’t surprise me it’s on the frontpage, those pics are going to my private gallery of best pictures hunted on the net. Keep up the good work!!!


CuTnPaste : Grazie mille :slight_smile:

Dias : Non mi ricordo di Emanuele…but well…never mind :wink:
The tyres are polygons, unsmoothed

and here`s a couple of shaded renders i forgot to post before :

ThE_JacO : grazie mille Raffaele :wink:

Dr. Ira Kane :Yeah…it does not make me crazy either ehehe


its so sexy!:scream:


Godlike!! :smiley:


its a killer. i was thinking of doing the same car. very good. a total killer


All I can say is incredible!