Ninja WIP. Please Crit


I finally gave in and decided to work with this ninja that I believe was modeled by William Vauhn (Newtek guy) based out of Texas. It was rigged by a guy named Dan Neufeldt who I attended Animation School in Florida with.

Please let me know how it looks at this point. I want to make sure I nail the first set of movements before I move on to much more complicated maneuvers.

 Thanks so much for your input   


the file seems to be downloading corrupt for me?


that is strange. try this. it might be better quality as well. although it is a bigger file.




its not looking to bad…i dont want to go too much into detail, but heres my thoughts…

i dont know if youve smoothed out ure curves and stuff yet? but if not this will help a lot. the main animation problem i can see, is with the kick…you need more anticipation and more weight once he kicks…it just seems a wee bit weak at the moment. maybe even hold the pose at its extreme for a frame or two and see if that adds a nit of “punch”.

looking good tho




thanks for the feed back Freakmoomin. I agree with you. i should hold that kick out there as if he is showing off or something. i also feel that he needs more snap in the actual extention of the kick. As far as the animation curves are concerned. that is pretty much all i have done so far is make them smooth. i am planning on going into the GraphEditor and individually adjusting any curve i feel has some issues. I feel that many tangent weights need freed and manipulated.

thanks so much for the good idea. i think i will take it and fly with it.



this is how I got to it. then click on the ninja vid file.
Looks alot like the ninja for motionbuilder 5. But I like it.


The foot movement and wieght transfer seems a bit floaty. And the “ninja moves” are pretty boring in-and-of themselves. Maybe combine them into one fluid combo of sorts. I think the main distraction is the lack of overlapping motion (the pause after the moves before he transfers his weight and moves his feet). And the timing doesn’t vary enough to carry my interest (move, pause, step, move, pause, step, kick, pause, plant foot).

He actually doesn’t even need to do any martial arts to make the animation intersting, He could just be standing around acting however your character personality dictates. Give him an internal motivation, a thought process. Here’s a site to check out - - they have some nice motion tests for their warriors. Most of them don’t even need to do any crazy moves to give them a sense of purpose. They just have some personality. And that’s what will help sell your characters.

Hope this helps


Thanks Joe. I have updated this animation. you can find it under another thread (WIP for new reel (Please Help)). I agree with the statement about the overlapping actions. As of now I am just trying to block out each of his movements for the perpouse of timing.

In the new animation test I have added a back hand spring.

The basic idea of this one is to show him sort of practicing his moves in steps. As I become more comfortable with these steps, then I will create some type of purpose.

thanks a lot



Nice, cant wait to see the finished project.:thumbsup:


not bad clint its Eric hows it going in texas?


Whats up Eric. I have to ask. Eric Pena or Eric Miller? Im still working hard on this trying to refine it to perfection. The point is to go through these actions so that I can take pieces and cut together a nice edited reel of actions and interactions. This will be a long process of course. Texas is good. Im working for a company called DVD Power tools creating high impact business presentation DVDs.



Its Eric Pina i jus got a job doing editing they use LW an video toster but i got them to use shake :O)
its pretty coo im jus working on a 350z wip an about to start some new animations when im done with the 350 an a 745i bmw

heres my demo if you can down load it i have to compress it


Eric. nice to hear from you again. Im glad everything is going well. I saw your car model. it is coming along very nicely. seems like you are really getting a handle on car modeling. Looks good. Keep it up. I am swamped at work right now with a business presentation for a company out of Denver callded “McDATA” . This project calls for a lot of 3d and I have a 2 week deadline, so you can imagine how I could be a little stressed. Stay in touch. I will be posting some more WIP stuff soon. Be on the lookout.



Hey I just got that ninja but his arm controls don’t work. did you have the same issue? if so what did you have to do?


not sure where you go it from, but Im certain that the fully working version of this guy can be found on along with many other great rigs. bi-peds and quadrapeds.


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