Ninja Scroll , Michael Chang Ting Yu (2D)


Title: Ninja Scroll
Name: Michael Chang Ting Yu
Country: Hong Kong

Hi everyone,this was the promotion poster of NINJA SCROLL for comic con 2010 for STORM LION,but unfortunetly, when it was half way done, Storm Lion was sadly shut down by some reasons,
I was the cover artist , inker and pencil for the ninja scroll comic US series for Wild Storm, after a few years later, it was a really special feeling to paint for it again, So even Storm Lion is no longer here, I still wanna complete it and show to the public, haha NINJA SCROLL, NINJA BLADE.
I did quite alot of Ninjas LOL, hope you enjoy,
and here is the close up version too.


This is so awesome, I almost want to say it’s
LE-GEN- wait for it - … - DARY! :bounce:
Good Job!


This is amazing. Great tribute. I have the original poster of this layout up in my garage. Super awesome. Well done my friend.


WOW!! Wonderful work brother!! Awesome! Great as always Cheers!


great cover art!I love the faces and the color so are good at doing ninja stuff hahaha.:bounce:


as expected,another masterpiece:D great works mate!makes me itch to paint again so bad


so cool , Hong Kong stay


good job…:).


Well done Michael! It´s an interesting piece, Great work like usual! :thumbsup:


Hey always love the color of faces u did! keep up the great works!


Great execution, love the colors.
But there is one thing that looks like “fail” in the picture. :blush: And that is the way he holds his sword. I bet you can find some references on that.
Other than that I really like it :thumbsup:


Thanks everyone, I m doing a new piece, is rather different with this one, I hope I can post it as soon as possible, n. The way he holding the katana was following the original ninja scroll poster, you guys could search it in google lol


always the best ! superb :slight_smile:


So wonderful, I love the expression of the girl and the structure of the drawing… :love:


Very good work Michael :thumbsup:


another great work u done…nice rendering! :cool:


thank you all, thank you Carrie:love:


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