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Ninja Dojo
I have Posted a new script on Creative Crash. Its called Ninja Dojo. There is a free version and one for purchase. It is basically a mel scritpt wrapper for my tools and other tools.

   The Free version does not include the Ninja Fracture, Ninja UV, Ninja  Scatter scritpts.  But you can purchase those seperately and copy the  mel file into the Ninja Dojo Directory.  Ninja Dojo will automatically  set up buttons for mel scritpts in the Ninja Dojo Directory.  You can  add most simple mel scripts if the main function is the same name of the  mel script.  those will get added into the external tools tab.

If you would like to request a tool, Title the message the tool name and give a detailed explanation of the tool. I will do my best to integrate the tool inside the Dojo
Ninja Dojo Web Page

   White Belt version:…dojo-white-belt

Black Belt version:–2


Ninja Mesh Feature List:[/b]
Mesh Tools
- Create primitives
- Create Deformers
- History Editor
- Attach / Detach /Extract
- Ninja Bevel
- Mirror
- Align Objects (position/rotation/scale)
- Align Position (min/avg/max)
- Corner Align
- Randomize (scale & rotation)
- Capping
- Hull Generator (boxes, planes, auto)

        [b]Spline Tools[/b]
        - Create Curves
        - Create Tubes from Curves
        - Auto Wire (vert selection, edge selection)
        - Deform Objects to Curves
        - Rope Creator
        [b]Copy Tools[/b]
        - Replace by last selected 
        - Replace by name
        - Duplicate Obects to selected verts 
        - Duplicate Objects using extents spacing
        - Duplicate Along a Curve
        [b]Scatter Tools[/b]
        - Scatter Randomly
        - Scatter based on vertex color (r,g,b,y,c,m)
        - Ability to reposition objects to component
        - Ability to re-align to normals of a component
        - Randomize rotation, position, scale

[b]Ninja UV Feature List:[/b]
        - Ninja Mapping (maps to a pixel ratio)
        - Uniform Mapping 
        - Scale to a specific pixel ratio
        - Match UV Scale from one object to another
 - Straighten UV edges
        - Move UV's
        - Scale UV's
        - Snap UV's
        - Align UV's
        - Match UV's
        - Layout shells (horizontal and vertical)
        - UV/Texture atlasing
        - UV set editor
        [/b]- Bake AO
        - Bake Light Maps
        - Bake UV's
        - Bake Textures
        - Bake Checker Texture
        - Bake to a Combined PSD

[u][b]Fracture Features:[/b][/u]
  • Plane Fracture (Boolean or Polycut)
    - Multi Plane Fracture
    - Voronoi Fracture

       [b]Chip Off[/b]
       - Create Chips at componets (default chips or custom chips)
       - Detach chunk feature
       [b]Spline Cut[/b]
       - Spline Cut (Cut objects using a spline)
       - Multi Spline Cut (Cut objects using multiple splines) 
       - Path Fracture (Cut objects using a spline as a path. this will create          a voronoi fracture)
       - Quickly create a radial pattern
       - Quickly Set up a simple dynamic explosion


I need a mac user to test out my Ninja Dojo Script. If you are willing, email me at… All i request are some screen shots to show it is working on a mac. You will get a free current copy of all the Ninja Tools.

This only applies to the first person to respond.



What features do you think should be added to Ninja Dojo to make it better?


This looks like a really interesting and complete set of scripts, but there are also free versions for shatter and UV tools out there, so I’m not sure I would pay for the Black belt version.

Does it work on Linux? I don’t have windows to try it out and make a further decision.

Great job by the way, the demos look great.


I don’t try the script but is really full of greate features. The request for me is: The scatter is a scatter distribution of object?
If yes, is it able to distribuited the object duplicate as Instance?
Is possible to have a paintable distribution like spPaint3d?
spPaint3d is great but it not have a distribution on map. Is ninja able to distributed the object on a map texture? like nvInstancer?
Those scripts are here in creativeCrash site.



Yes Scatter will distribute objects over a mesh. You will be able to make copies or instances. Currently it will place the objects at a vertex. This is because i can only get the normal of a vertex for now. You can do a random scatter or color based scatter( Based on vertex colors). You can bake vertex colors to a mesh using a texture but i just find it easier to just paint vert colors. I will be making a video for the scatter tool soon.



Ninja Dojo (Grand Master) includes Ninja City–2


I can test it on a Mac for you. Feel free to send me a PM.


$ $ $ ? :eek: :eek: :eek:


I have updated the Ninja Dojo to 2.5.

  1. Added a Mel Tab that now contains the external scripts. Any mel file in the external scripts will now be created in the Mel tab in a rollout called external. This will apply to any directory added inside the ninja_dojo directory. So if you create a new directory Called “Your company name”, it will then create a new rollout and buttons will be created for the mel scripts that live inside that directory.

  2. Removed Image Viewer because the asset manager will replace it

  3. Added Asset manager to the Window Menu

  4. Added a Custom Shelf Tab. You can drag icons onto the custom Tab shelfs by ctrl middle mouse. Dont forget to right click to save the shelfs.

  5. If you are running 2011 or higher the default start is to dock to the right

  6. Added a script search on Creative Crash in the Mel tab


Added Texture Atlasing in the Ninja UV.
Added Autowire on selected edges in the Ninja Mesh
Added other minor updates and fixes.


I am running a promotional special on Ninja Dojo for $40 USD. I will keep it at $40 until 7-15-2011 then will raise it back to $50 usd. I would really like to get more users using Ninja Dojo and get some feed back.


I have updated Ninja Dojo to 3.0.

I have also launched a Web page for Ninja Dojo too. I will be adding all the videos and Help pages for all the tools

There is also a Forum Section added


Ninja Dojo (Black Belt) has been updated to 3.5–2

Ninja Dojo (Grand Master) has been updated–2

I have also updated the Free White Belt version

I have added the Ninja Mesh and Ninja Asset to the white belt version for a limited time to promote Ninja Dojo.

You can also visit the Ninja Dojo Home Page:


I have updated the Ninja Scatter tool in the Ninja Mesh.

You can now scatter on Object. Component Selection or Paint Selection.
It will also seperate the scatter components into different groups so you now have vertex, edge and face selections as seperate scatter groups.

You can get Ninja Mesh here–2

Or the Ninja Dojo Black Belt here:–2

And you can watch the tutorial demo here:


Really looks sweet, Bk3d. Gonna try to check it out this week, especially your new scattering mechanisms!


I have decided to remove the Forum from the Ninja Dojo Web Page and use this Forum as the Ninja Dojo Forum.


I have Created a new video’s page on the Ninja Dojo Page.
I will be adding more videos soon.


I have created a new tool Called Ninja Speed Box.

Ninja Speed Box is a context sensitive tool box that changes when you are in different modes.
The modes are: No selection, single object, Multiple Objects, vertex, edge, and face.

You can add more icons by ctrl middle mouse drag, and to save the shelf you right click --> save shelf.

It’s available for free on creative crash:

If you already have the ninja dojo you can just drop this script in the bonus folder under the Ninja_Dojo directory and access it thru the mel tab or mel menu.

This has been integrated into the dojo under the shelves tab and will be released soon after enough testing.


Looks great! Giving it a shot today, thanks for the heads-up. Much easier to hear it on this site (which I check daily) than over at CC, which is a bit messy when you’re trying to find new stuff…