Nine to One: A short film


Hi everyone,

This is a short film that I worked on (on and off) throughout the summer and winter break. All the animations, models were done completely with Anim8or and it was rendered using the default renderer with no soft shadows (my computer is pretty old :P).

Without further ado, download it here.

Thanks for watching!



hmmm I don’t get the story.

There’s a dog waiting for something in his bureau. But the viewer doesn’t know what he’s waiting for.

The gesture to show that he is waiting was good btw. you used a lot of ways to express that.

Still the viewer doesn’t know why he’s waiting. Phonecall? Another guy? His boss? Pizzaman?

After that there’s a dog coming into his room - with a ball… and then the guy in the first place realizes that he’s a dog too - via his hand?

Did you try to make this some sort of persiflage on how we tend to take animals as actors as a normality in animationfilms?


Peculiar is the best word describing your animation (and in a very nice way). It might be partly a little faster , but the atmosphere is rather uniq…


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