:: Nina - THE // EVOLUTION // OF // BONE, Christopher Clark Bischoff (3D)


Title: :: Nina - T H E // E V O L U T I O N // O F // B O
Name: Christopher Clark Bischoff
Country: South Africa
Software: 3dsmax And Paintshop Pro

:: Nina - T h e // E v o l u t i o n // o f // B o n e ::

Not merely a joining of bone, flesh, blood, and metal-but a complete fusion, where one is no different from the other. Muscle weaves in with hydrolic pumps, brain tissue and silicon chips exist and function without boundries, without limits. A true living breathing creation-technology and humanity comeing together, creating its first hybrid soul.

A human and robot have ‘concieved’ this child. The 1st in the next step of evolution. A creation of love for some, but a bastardisation of humanity for others.
Not entirely human, not entirely machine.

Alone in the womb-peaceful…innocent…

Done for the Machine Flesh challenge. Congrats to all the winners, and all the participants!

Time taken was the whole 3 months of the challenge, only working on and off weekends, and the occasional caffine induced night.

All 3D work done in MAX 5, using all its standard tools (no fancy plugins), with the exception of Niel Blevins WIRE JUMBLE script.

Post was completed in Paint Shop Pro.

Questions and comments are always appreciated!

A recent HD crash saw me losing my final full sized comp, although I do still have all of her 3d files.

I think I can safely file her in my ‘completed works’ file, and I doubt I will revisit her anytime soon.

Thanks to CGTalk for allowing me this fantastic opportunity!



really amazing. i like it so much :applause:


Damn to cool. Every second i look at it i see some more detail like the cables at his head etc etc…



Looks amazing.

Though the deformity of the oversized head on a baby makes it hard to judge cause the head looks tilted and the chin postiion is almost straight on level while the nose and eyes are slanted and free floating off the figure. Lips look a little to close to the hands but thats if you were intending for a tilted head positioned look.


nice model

cool and scary…



Thank you very much!


Thanks very much. I really tried to add in as much detail as possible, because of the final render size. I may have gone a little overboard in some areas tho. :slight_smile: The secondry unbilacle cord actauly has individually modeled little clamps that attach the organic and mechanic parts.


In the begining I was relaly striving for accuracy, but towards the end, I felt that the ‘mood’ and emotion evoked from the image was more important. Bringing the hands up, and tilting the head downwards really gave (for me anyways) a feeling of inocence…of peace.

I have attached my reference image for you too take a look at. :wink:

Thanks very much for the crits tho! Its the stuff I need to make my work better!


Thanks mate! I definately wanted it to be a little ‘uneasy’ when you look at it. :wink:


very nice !!!


really awesome, great job


I love it.


Thanks very much for the comments guys!


Awesome Work man as i have already been saying the last 3 months.
Hope to see more of your work :bounce:


really nice work…fantasticcccccccccccc

hope see more of your work…:bounce:


Dimitris, Your work is ALWAYS an inspiration man! Thanks so much!

pearl3d, I plan on putting up a webpage when I get a chance. :wink:


:applause: Awesome concept behind your idea from start to finish. Amazing work man, like your description behind your project, very nice!!


Very interesting image. I like it. :thumbsup:

I´d clear the cranium area from those weird elements, cause they are distracting more than improving the work.


Stunning work and very thought provoking…


I like it! maybe more SSS …


Just wanted 2 thank you guys for helping Nina get a CGTalk Award-the 1st 3D Award i have ever revieved! :slight_smile:

Thanks again all!





:slight_smile: Kool Work Dude~!
i really adore that image… i have studied the feotus in its biological form for for some time now you are pvery close… i tried doing something with a baby but went more on the artistic side