Niko Belic movie star, cristian necula (3D)


Title: Niko Belic movie star
Name: cristian necula
Country: Romania
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

In the near future computer games will look like this right ? In this image I’ve tried to create a realistic mentalray render from my favorite game.Can you guess witch game? The scene is created in 3dmax and the character in ZBrush. For the smoke effect I’ve used Particle Illusion and composed it in Photoshop. Thanx to my friends Ovidiu and Mihnea for their support. Enjoy!


amazing ~ ****

the textures look amazing specialy for the ground

could i know " Tex res of the ground "
amazing analogous color scheme
damen your image need to study it :slight_smile:


Awesome work! The environment looks stunning. Did you recreate the character too or is it an import from the game?


amazing texturing & rendering skill.
well done, buddy.


superb work. excellent textures.


nice work…it’s one of my favorite game too :thumbsup:


excellent work :wink:


Thanx a lot guys.Being my first post ever this means a lot for me. I’ve attached the ambient and the zdepth render.Later I will post the asphalt textures.


superb work… I like the environments…keep it up…


absolutly amazing, one of the best work, I’ve seen for a while :thumbsup:


you make me never want to leave my desk your work is to ill f now im off to maya inspiration struck 5 stars to awesome


Very nice work!

Great details



this is just great! i love it! i believe it deserves an award…i would love to see something like this but with johny B from lost and damned expansion,…i imagine him like posing with the rest of the gang on their motorcycles!


Very nice complex work gr8 enviroment and GTA idea


Foarte frumos lucrat!

Keep up the work m8!


great work!
i like it so much :thumbsup:


Impressive, really nice work:thumbsup:


amazing car know i show movie or real movie very good work
all if them he is amazing

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:

5***** from me :bounce:


great work!


Wonderful lighting and atmosphere.Love the dusty air feeling,which is i’m struggling to achive in my own work.
Man,you’ve done a great job.