Nightshade UV Editor 1.3 out


I just wanted to announce that I’ve updated Nightshade UV Editor to 1.3 and that it can be downloaded from Creative Crash.


-Manual added
-Randomize shell functionality added. Randomizes shells on an individual shell basis!
-Snap shells (9 directions)
-Snap shells A to B (or vice versa)
-Layout U or V -strip
-Copy, Paste and Delete UV’s -buttons added
-UV Normalization: Buttons for Normalize UV’s, Normalize + Stretch, Normalize U or V only.
-Window size has been fully unlocked and can be made substantially smaller than before
-“Stack UV shells” now selects the whole shell stack after performing operation
-“Spread out shells” now works on any selection type - not just meshes.
-Improved rotate 90/180 - now always rotates around the pivot
-Improved flip - now always flips around the pivot
-Improved marking menu
-All buttons now have labels
-Localization removed: The editor should be in english regardless of what version you have
-UI improvements: Less buttons and more right click -functionality.
-The UI for calculate pixel distance has been vastly improved. Now shows U, V and total distance in px.
-Open/close button groups have been made more visually clear
-Active UV set is now always highlighted in the Integrated UV Set Editor
-Fixed a bug where the Nightshade UV Editor and the native UV set editor couldn’t be open at the same time
-The issue with “orient to edge” giving off wrong rotational calculations has been fixed.
-“Tear off faces” now works on a single face selection. Also selects the UV shell after operation.
-The default min and max values for “Match UV’s” has been lowered.
-The “keep comp. space” checkbox is now stored as an optionVar (Maya will remember your setting).
-Support for Maya 2010 and earlier has been DISCONTINUED.

More features:
-Straighten UV shell: Straightens a shell along an edge loop or ring, and unfolds everything around it.
-Orient UV shells: Orients UV shells so that their bounding box is as small as possible. Almost always results in straight shells.
-Orient edge: Orient UV shell so that the selection runs horizontally or vertically. Great for custom orientation)
-Stack UV shells: Stack UV shells on top of each other.
-Match UV shells: Match UVs to their closest neighbors. Great to use in conjunction with “stack”
-Center UV shells: Places UV shells in the middle at 0.5u 0.5v
-Spread UV shells: Performs a UV shell layout that does not scale your shells or rotate them in a weird way.
-Rotate 90/180 degrees: Rotate shells CW or CCW 90/180 degrees.
-Tear off faces: Converts a face selection into a UV shell.
-Quick unfold: Buttons for quickly unfolding along U, V or in both directions with optimal unfold settings.
-Quick relax: Button for quickly relaxing a UV shell with optimal relax settings.
-Advanced UV manipulator: For quickly manipulating UV coords without having to type in new field values like a maniac all the time. In fact, you can do it entirely with just the mouse now - and even store manipulation values in variables for later use.
-Calculate UV utilization: Fast Python script by Guido Neumann that calculates how much space your UV shell scover (0->1 U and V).
-Measure pixel distance: Select two UVs and measure the distance in pixels between them. Excellent when you need to pack your shells tightly but want to avoid having to do a million snapshots.
-Powerful aligner: Aligns UV shells to the right, left, button, top or average U/V
-Push/Move UVs to average U or V: Maya has the tools for pushing UVs to the furthest right/left/bottom/top by default but it does not have the tool for pushing them to the average U or V. Now you have that option.
-Measure UV distance: Measure the U or V distance between two UVs.
-Retain component spacing checkbox
-Copy, Paste and Delete UV’s -buttons
-Integrated UV Set Editor: All the functionality of the default UV Set Editor is integrated. Also comes witha snapshot button.
-Texel density control: For quickly scaling UV shells so that they have the same texel resolution.
-Cycle edge colors: Change color on selected edges by switching back and forth between Maya’s preset colors.


Thanks, this might be just what I am looking for, is it compatible with 2014?


Afaik there haven’t been any big changes to MEL from 2013 -> 2014 so it should work.
I have however not tried it myself so I need confirmation.


Looks very nice! Thanks for sharing, great work here.


Looks very cool. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be sure to give it a try. :slight_smile:



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