Hi everyone,
This my entry for the syd mead contest and my first post here.
The concept is a high speed stealth car,I try to respect the style of the master and I hope you enjoy it


love the atmoshpere of the piece.


Cool design. Cheers!


Great model ! :beer:
Would like to see it in a down town ride now :slight_smile:



Design beautiful, but the lighting hides a lot of detail.

Council - Place the object so that between him and the edge of the image perpetuated.


nice one gerald.
Great work.!!! :slight_smile:


Really good,
Cool design, cool color, cool atmosphere !
Good luck Mate !


thanks for your support guys, :buttrock:


thanks for your support guys :buttrock:


thanks for your support guys!!


Very Good job! I love the dynamism of the image with the effects of speed, lights and general ambience.
The concept car is very interesting with lots of details on the car body. The line is smooth and sharp.
And I love the fog ^ ^
Good luck and “May the force be with you”


Very dynamic image! Great job mate, good luck.


great special effects


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