Nightmare, kiarash tamizkar (3D)


Title: Nightmare

Name: kiarash tamizkar

nightmare is my latest creature concept that i prepared him for a client,they gave me several emails and explained every aspects of their character like the way he move,attacking style,how he defending against his opponents,and what environment he lives and many other descriptions,next i start to gathering images of living species (crustaceans,insects,Arthropods…etc) as many as i could and study them and sketching sheets of concepts and ideas and imagine nightmare in my imagination and put their factors into my final concept and sculpting him at final stage…and at the end i am truly happy to share the results in here as a member of cgsociety family
thank everyone.

kiarash tamizkar.


Big amount of details prevents me to distinguish the main conception of the form. Good work.


Two-thumbs Up. Brilliant. You Deserve A Follow And A Like


I meant that the beast is difficult to be perceived visualy in aspect of structure. complicated form. All the same the work is good.


Great pose! :applause:And the “crab”-like exo-skeleton is awesome! :slight_smile:


thanks my friend,actually i always inspiring real life creatures,crabs,ticks,beetles even microorganisms and they have really complicated body forms,so this is normal in creatures like nightmare to be like this as you told,and i am grateful for your comment.


cheers mate.:cool:


:cool: thanks ,yeah now he can defend and fight more efficiently