Nightmare Before Christmas: Inspiration Comes Standard


So, just last night I watched Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time ever. I must say the storyline was not what I had expected. It was rather cute. Overall, though, I liked it but I’m not sure if I would buy it.

But then a miraculous thing happened that may make me change my mind: I sat down right after watching the movie and painted a picture, in less than an hour. I’ve never ever painted a decent picture that fast before, and I think the movie somehow shoved me in an appropriate direction. I think the picture turned out fairly good.

Perhaps I should buy Nightmare Before Christmas, so that I can experience that inspiration thrill more. It was a nice movie, and the graphics and claymation was excellent, not to mention the lovely songs (really the only thing that bugged me was some of the more juvenile parts of the movie, such as the Mayor and the Boogie-Oogie Man’s little helpers).

Have you guys ever seen this movie and been inspired by it?


Yep yep. I have it back at home somewhere (Though on VHS; for that reason it’s been a good while since I’ve watched it), and I happen to know it’s one’a my girlfriend’s favorite films. I’m a real sucker for Tim Burton’s sense of design; although I rarely try to imitate him, I can’t help but appreciate is creativity and his skill at taking even century-old ideas and putting a new spin on them.

He’s a talented visual director, but even more I admire him as a dreamer.

Keep an eye out for Corpse Bride later this year. It’s lookin’ to be awesome.


Yep - I liked it (Tim Burton is a genius!)
Hey how about posting the picture you did!



Ok, GordonM, just for you, lol

Ok, so there are several things wrong with it, but it came out well enough to make me proud of it. It also has nothing to do with Nightmare Before Christmas, but the movie apparently had enough power to cause me to paint well after watching it. :slight_smile:


That’s one of my fave movies…it just has such a great visual style! I have been like that with movies before. Whenever I watched “Tin Cup” I used to play alot better rounds of golf lol. Great painting by the way


Nice painting dude!.. It does have a Nightmare Before Christmas feel to it!

Oh, it’s my fave film of all time! :thumbsup:


“Dude”? Ehem…dudette, if you will. =D Thank you for the compliments!


Stephanie…er…dudette…er…Sylanya :smiley:

Good work! Inspiration is such a great thing - wouldn’t it be great if it could be summoned on demand!



You mean you haven’t found the ‘inspire’ button in photoshop? It’s one of the pull-out options in the brushes section :wink: It uses bluetooth to send inspiration directly to your brain, pretty nifty, eh?

shhh…our secret, ok?


Oh, no, I didn’t know about that yet. I should try that out, thanks for telling me about it.


Haha, paperclip, you’re such a trip. Thanks


Oh my, I have the song “What’s This” stuck in my head now. I keep catching myself dancing to the tune. I love that song! squee!


What’s this?

from whom, who made it?

winks at paperclip:wise:


Here is an image I painted whilst watching a Tim Burton movie (my favorite, actually) Beetlejuice. This one was not finished that night though, but it was finished after watching Nightmare. Interesting…


The same people that made XDUGEF.
Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t…
These people are geniuses… I love them :love:


Hey Cool - I just found it ! :bounce:

  • oh no, mine has a 30 day trial period - and it just expired :cry: hehe



That’s what you get for using a shareware version of ‘INSPIRATIONTM’…:rolleyes:


Still have “What’s This?” stuck in my head… :shrug:


Yeah… you should see that as a positive thing, dudette :wink: :shrug: :buttrock:

I’ve also seen The Nightmare Before Christmas recently for the first time (2 months ago), and I was immediately sold to it… :shrug: The design, animation, music, mood…! Just all awesome…!! That’s also why I watched it ‘then-a-days’ about every day :eek: (something I hadn’t done since the Lion King… some 10 years back :wink: )

Nightmare Before Xmas rulezzz my (our?) world! :twisted:


It must be an artist thing to appreciate Tim Burton movies. My mom and dad did not like Nightmare Before Christmas.


you’ve gotta buy it on DVD for all the cool extras. If the film inspired you then you ain’t seen nothing till you’ve seen Vincent, one of his early stop motion shorts with Vincent Price narrating…it’s fantastic! plus all the behind the scenes stuff. Well worth the low asking price on Amazon.

nice pic by the way:thumbsup: